Morbid Intent - Seven Years Old and still going strong

Xmas 2022 and the guild is still going strong.
Thank you for a great game and to the part and current guild members thank you for your service and contributions to the Morbid Intent Family!

Merry xmas and a happy new 2023!


Old msg from 2017: Morbid Intent close to 2 yrs old guild is now looking for 8-9 new players. Perhaps a newer guild struggling that want to join us.
We have 10-12 old timers and about 10 rather new ones (less than six months in the guild). We kick inactives that dont leave a message.
We do not have any formal reqs but try to chip in what we can.
Usually we used to pass 20k seals and tasks to lvl7 on all colors and maybe finish one color but since we cleaned out 10 inactive members we are struggling a bit.

Feel free to contact and join us.

Old msg:
Morbid Intent is open for anyone to join.
Welcome casual gamers.
Contribute and stay active on a weekly basis.
Guild Rules:

  1. Claim some seals every week before Sunday.
  2. Have fun


Hi, I’m keen to join. Invite code: DELPHINUS

Will contribute gold daily and trophies weekly.

Welcome! Invite sent.

Bump and 1st post updated.

Several empty spots.

Looking to join. Invite code KOOLBIIRD

Tried to invite.
Let me know if you still want to join.


Bump and update 1st post.

A nice guild where you get a chance to participate on your terms and be part of the build up.



Three open spots. Welcome to join!

2 spots open atm

Update of 1st post

Update 1st post

I’m looking for a good guild. New player, inv code is Freeman 20.

Update of 1st post

Hi, I want to join the guild, left my previous guild because it was pretty inactive. I’m kinda of a new player.

Invite code is BADIR

Thank you Badir, I will probably have a spot within a week. Ill get back to you as soon as we have an opening again.

Hi we have a spot open now, let me know if you still want to join.

Hi, im interested. invite code: LANCELOT_38

Hi Welcome but you need to leave current guild to enable me to send invite.

(post needs to be at least 10 words)

Invite sent