Morbid Intent - Rank 228 - looking for merge with small guild 8-9 plrs

Update 23rd Sep 2016

Update 5th Oct 2016

Two spots open. Please join!

would like to join. invite code HOPEFULONE

do I need to leave the old guild first?

Hi, yes u have to.

Invite sent

Hello. I pvp to rank 1 each week, but new to guilds. Looking for a good guild to join.


Hi, thanks for your interest. Last spot got filled yesterday but we probably have new spots open within a week or so. I will check with you before recruiting to see if you are still interested. Ok?


Hi if a spot opens up I would be interested in joining been playing for a while all kingdoms rank 10 lvl 150+ etc, invite code is edouble2369_1.

Thank you for showing interest. I will contact you when we have an opening to see if you are still interested. We usually have one spot open a week. We kick if ppl are inactive 7 days without notice.


Hi took longer time than usual but now we have spots open if you are interested Br Rokku

Hi took longer than usual but now we have spots open if u still are interested. BR Rokku

Recruiting 4 spots open. Bring a friend! :slight_smile:

Hi, i’m interested in joining your guild, my tag : SUN WU KONG
(lvl 75 and between 1000 and 1500 seal weekly)

Super!!! Invite sent!

I am looking for some very active guild. Contributing and making seals is not problem for me. I am 291 lvl. Invite code BAXTER _4

Welcome and try us out! Invite sent!

Invite sent. Welcome to try us out!

I’m a relatively new player, level 94, looking to join an active guild. Still building up my kingdoms, 2 level 10, the rest level 5. I hit 1500 seals each week.

invite: FEDERICO_18

Invite sent! Welcome!