Morbid Intent - Rank 228 - looking for merge with small guild 8-9 plrs

2 spots open. Welcome!

Hi, i would like to join

invite code: RAGMAN_1

Invite sent

Update, 1-2 spots open.

Invite me I play daily and I am very active my code is JOCELYN_18

Hi skills, u have to leave current guild before I can send invite. But you are welcome to join!

Hey are there any spots open? I’m lvl 45, Invite me! ALISHA 19

Hi, yes I can invite. Tried ALISHA 19 but that was invalid. ALISHA_19 is allready in a guild… So if thats u pls leave current guild first.

Hello, Would love to be joining your guild am level 36, extremely active, started playing 2 days ago.
Looking for an active guild to start boosting it out :wink:
looking forward for your invite !

Code : SICI ( sici )

Hi with ALISHA we full atm but hold out a couple of days and Im sure there will be an opening. Happy that u wanna join mate!

Update of first post. We are atm full but my experience is that we will have about one new spot a week. If you want to join when spot is open send a note and you will be first in line.

2 spots available

Join Morbid Intent! Two spots open atm.

No requirements more than stay active and contribute with what you can.

Can anyone move this to the correct guild recruitment category? Merci.

done. done. done. pc right?

Thx messed up when updating thread.

Hi. Lemme know if a spot opens up. Thanks!

Got one spot yes… Are your invite Jodasho?

Yup! Thanks! See you in the game then!

Invite sent. !!