Monopoly Rules (less than 15)

Exclusive to Gem Spawners:
If a troop casts 3 times in a row without losing a turn. The troop automatically dies and the turn becomes the opponents.
This would apply to AI and Human.
The troop doesn’t have to cast consecutively, just 3 times on one turn.

Example A:
Gobtruffle casts, matches extra turn, casts, matches extra turn, casts, dies instantly, and the opponent now gets board control.

Example B:
Gobtruffle casts, Mountain Crusher Casts, extra turn, Gobtruffle casts, Infernus Casts, extra turn, Gobtruffle Casts, dies instantly, and the opponent now gets board control.

I call this the “Monopoly Rule” because the creators of the game didn’t want RNG determining who won or lost. So if you roll 3 doubles in a row in Monopoly… You go to jail.

Doom Troops will be the only ones immune to this rule since they are immune to lethal damage.

If it’s impossible to have this apply only to gem spawners troops. Then have it apply to every troop (hero) in the game please. Should help immensely balance wise and introduce a new strategy element to GoW.

Thank you in advance for the consideration, and/or implementation of it. @Sirrian and @Nimhain


You have a lot of great ideas. This is not one of them.
This is just something that will slow down the game. Fast = Fun.


How so?
I assume you’re talking about players using Gobtruffle. You need it to cast 3 times on one turn to win a match?
To me… That sounds like too long of a match if that’s the case.

Not if you’re playing in delves or you’re a new player with low stats.
This is not just applicable to Gobtruffle. There are troops like Elemaugrim or Forest Guardian that could do this. You know they would include exploders here too which would hurt troops like Divinia and TDS. You would destroy soul farming for newer players.


I couldn’t agree to this as a permanent game rule, but if they did make a randomizer rule game mode where each battle or sets of battles had a different gimmick, it could be quite fun/interesting.


With gobtruffle and a randomizer, I can’t help but think of “truffle shuffle”.


If you want to make it a true Monopoly Rule then the troop shouldn’t die if they cast 3 times in a row. The troop should go directly to jail and you have to pay 50 gems to get the troop back.

This could also be used to spice up gold keys. Occasionally when opening chests your hero might win second place in a beauty pageant and get 2 treasure maps. Alternatively your hero might go directly to jail without passing the Adventure Board and collecting 50 gems for killing 100 troops.

You’ll stand behind this right up until the point where you lose some GW match because you had a choice between killing your own troop or setting up a gem cascade for the AI.

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Implenting this exactly as you describe would give issues, probably even if you limit it to PvP.
But I do think you’re on to something. Maybe make the first cast a garanteed extra turn and each consecutive cast there is a -X% of getting another turn?

Where’s the “Extra turns have counters. If you can’t build a team that deals with extra turns maybe you should play a game more your speed” crowd?

I’d prefer silence which is more akin to “jail” than instakill