Mono Color Team Help

Hi everyone! Since the coming of GW I have spent about 90% of my time building and testing mono color teams. Now, team building has never been my strength but i have done pretty good but any suggestions for improvements would be welcome!

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Here are my teams:








You already have solid deck for all colors. What else you need help with?


Dont necessarily need help but always looking for improvements :slight_smile:

Probably only need to adjust 1-2 troops (or make alternative deck to counter specific defense deck) depending on the enemy and/or favor of the weeks. But overall those are solid deck.

Also, thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing! Very nice work!

My favorite team I’ve built is my Red team: Jarl / Goblin Rocket / Marilith / Bat.

It doesn’t have a summoner or drainer but the transformer plus multiple exploders makes it really fun and pretty easy to loop.

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I have to stand by my own red team (I’d stand by my yellow one, but it got stomped this week):


Orc Banner (+red / +brown)

Garuda combined with an exploder (Gorgotha in Yellow) is pretty reliable once it get’s going. You do need the +1 brown to allow Ragnagord to fill in 1 mana surge if you get it at the start. (Starts at 7/14, so mana surge without banner only gets you to 13)

I’m curious as to why Void Portal on your red team. Is it ONLY there to summon in case you lose a troop? If so I feel like there might be better options (Summoner? or maybe Fel’Dras if you have enough red gems on the board). Other non-summon alternatives could be troops like Ragnagord to help with filling (His Fast trait is really nice for an exploder)


Yeah summoning is the only use i have of portal but it has saved me tail a few times last week i lost my lead bat and immediately used portal and got gorgotha and today i used it and got kuarg😎


Whoa, you found a way to channel your pic posting addiction in a constructive way. Well played. Sir!


@Gouki shhhhhh… Dont tell anyone that im actually a good guy… I got a reputation to think about


My favorite team from this week to counteract the Scale Guard menace:

Death Knight hero, yellow weapon
Princess Elspeth

Don’t have Famine? Use Moloch. Don’t have Aby? Use another yellow summoner - Anubite, Dragon Eggs, Gar’Nok, etc.

Pick any gems to match first. Death Knight is going to take the first shot from Scale Guard. And then you kill him with PE. Boom, 4 death marks, a fresh cannon fodder Knight up front, and PE probably recharged and keeping the turn. Collect more mana, kill knights as needed before Scale Guards or skulls can. You can take it from here…


@XLS78 thats a great team to counter those pesky stale guards (not a typo) i donhappen to have a fully traited famine but havent been fortunate enough to pull an aby but your alternates are very helpful! Well done and thanks for sharing brudda😎 heres one on me🍺

Oh and i cant forget @Ozball for sharing a team too! You guys are awesome! Next round on me!:beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer:

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One recommendation I may make on your Red team- place a Dragon Soul in there in place of the second Crimson Bat. Also, a Moloch could work wonders- enemy Famine up? Moloch that baby away!

– Tranimo


Any Purple teams to recommend?

I’ve tried:

  • Green Seer / Lady A / 2x Kraken
    It works pretty well under most circumstances but the lack of a drainer or summoner means it’s not as reliable as I’d like.

  • BD / Succubus / Kraken / Abynissia
    Also works pretty well. It has a summoner and a drainer whereas the other does not. However, it feels really slow and it struggles when there’s a high priority non-front line troop to kill or when DK is in first slot.

I like the TDS / Shadow Dragon / Ven / Portal idea but I don’t have Ven traited and my portal is Epic and untraited. I subbed out Portal for Aby and it seemed to work okay, but Ven feels underwhelming. And it still suffers from the problem of not having a drainer (and Succubus doesn’t work since TDS is also R/P).

@Delinquent Try TDS kerb spirit fox portal all full traits abyssal banner

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I don’t have a decent Portal, but it seems like Aby can slot in fine. Time to do some PvP testing! Thanks!

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Np brudda😉

Aby is awesome. I just got here today, and she totally changes the dynamics of playing purple, and I can’t see playing without her now. As for teams, really depends on the enemy. For things like double Famine, I stuck Nyx in first slot since it’s spell isn’t magic dependant and it feeds Aby, and then whatever damage cards you like for your style (I like Ele or Kraken). Against the DM/Devour RnG teams, I try to surround Aby with 3 impervious troops, Ele and/or Wulf if you have them, Dracos for mana drain, then Carnex or VPortal if you still need to fill a slot.

Today’s revelation: A fully traited Kerberos is fantastic in the bottom slot if you’re going for max points. Summoning a Warg on enemy death means you automatically get up to full even if you’re missing a troop on the last turn.

I had awesome success today with:

Hero w/ Crypt Keeper (helps to have a fully traited Deathknight, but not required)
Poison Master

P.M. and Nyx feed off of each other well, and between the constant Exploding and Mana Draining you keep the other team helpless while charging your hero and Kerberos. Between the massive true damage and the 50% Devour, matches don’t last long.

Even if they take out the hero you’ve Death Marked the whole team, plus Kerberos will fill in the hole pretty quickly with someone who won’t interfere with your mana colors below. It’s a surprisingly solid team for me since I don’t normally play that way.