🙈 Monkey Tree (#233) is recruiting active members, 1M/1500s/300T, 40 to 65 Legendary Tasks a week

:see_no_evil: Monkey Tree :palm_tree: (#233) is looking for late-game players who would like more gem keys, glory keys, traitstones, and glory to complete their collection. We started the guild one year ago and has grown rapidly to become one of the top guilds in the game!

:star: 100% completion in all Guild events
:star: Regular pet rescues (3 a day or more and up to 8 a day during Vault weekend)
:star: Average of 40 to 65 Legendary Tasks completed a week

We complete Legendary Tasks once a month, and have done up to 260 Legendary Tasks in a single week. From this, we received as many as 3 mythics from Legendary Tasks in a single drop!

:crossed_swords: 1M/1500s/300T
:crossed_swords: Particiption in Invasion & Raid Boss up till completion of last portal
:crossed_swords: Full participation in Guild Wars and Tower of Doom event
:crossed_swords: Join us on LINE at http://bit.ly/GOWMonkeys (case-sensitive link)

If you are interested, please PM me at xC#6826 on Discord for more information. Thank you!