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Mongo does not work

today all gave Mongo in honor of Christmas, there is such an achievement in the incentive to get Mongo, and so it does not work. Why, what could be the problem, maybe because I already had 4 pieces of Mongo? How now to get this achievement?

Isnt the point of Mongo that he doesn’t work??? :thinking:

Seriously though, I do not have the answer you seek…

Sorry… :cry:

I noticed this too. I already have Mongo. So, I assumed that I would get the Steam achievement once I received the Mongo gift today. I was wrong. I still didn’t get the achievement.

Also, I opened some chests since one of the devs stated that dropping any troop would trigger achievements that you already accomplished before they added the new achievements. That still didn’t activate the Mongo Steam achievement.

Edit: (Added the dev post)

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It was stated by a dev that you need to gain a NEW troop (that you don’t have yet) to have achievements concerning troops you already own trigger. It doesn’t matter what troop it is, it must just be an unowned one.

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Ahh thanks. I didn’t notice the “new” part.

Quote should be found here:

I managed to get a mongo without getting a new card, I just deleted one Strygik which I had and immediately got another achievement, to collect 200 cards. That’s how it worked. Now we need to figure out how to capture 20 kings, if they have already captured everything, and in gaining hangs in 15 kingdoms.?