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Modifying the computer on PvP defense and everywhere else and WHY it should be changed

Many of you probably developed patterns to play against the computer but the most problematic is with the PvP defense and how it affects PvP in general.

There is 1 thing that is 100% going to happen:

  1. The computer looks for a 4 or 5+ skull match
  2. If none, then looks for 4 or 5+ gem match
  3. If none, then looks for 3 skull match.

As a player you would do step 1 and 2 almost always 100% of the time due to getting an EXTRA TURN & mana surge

BUT the problem relies with step 3.

It is NOT ALWAYS a good move to do 3 skulls in PvP IF the opponent has a tank that has STONESKIN or GRANITE SKIN (reduce dmg by 50% & 75%) which makes it a HUGE waste for the player and since the tank is Low-Med on atk for turn 1 (Gorghota , Treant, etc)

You would rather get the specific color with bonus mana you need to kill fast…

I would like the following changes to the computer on step 3…

A. if 50% or more is a skill on the opponents monster then look for an alternative move (basically if STONESKIN or granite skin is activated)

B. If I have a card ready to use it’s ability and that can cause LETHAL DMG to 1 or more opponents cards then do that move instead of the 3 skull match.

C. IF the 3 skull match move causes Lethal dmg AND the ability card move causes the same outcome that is LETHAL DMG to the card in position #1 then go with the same as it’s programmed now… do the 3 skull match move.

if i had a nickel for every one of these posts…


If i had a dollar for every time you have made in your life if that were the case i would fly across the world searching far and wide. To catch them is my test to raise them is my cause. pokemon theme here because i gave up midway on this joke.

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You are talking about rewriting the AI and I doubt you are sure how the AI is written to begin with.
I imagine if this were and EASY fix it would have been done already.

I wouldn’t get you hopes up on this one, don’t think it’s viable.

The problem is that if the AI doesn’t take the skull match, then the PLAYER takes the skull match.

This is actually the thing that kills me most about fighting stoneskin troops. If I’m not running a similar troop myself, I often take the skull match even though it will do no damage–because I want to avoid SUFFERING the damage on the next turn. Really, the biggest downside/cost of a stoneskin troop is that it pushes you to waste turns.

(Not saying it’s unfair, just saying that’s when I think, “argh,” or whatever.)


In a perfect world, the players would be able to modify certain AI parameters when building the defense teams!

For example, the player should be able to set color match preferences and order the basic rules (can even keep the first 2 priorities being 4/5 skulls > 4/5 gems, but have a preference what is prioritised in third position, either skulls or 3 gems of certain colors, etc) …

It makes the AI smarter, without having to completely re-write the AI code :smiley:



50 GOTO 10



I find invade to be a joke if your team is at least mediocre when u can pick between 3.

I am within top 30-50 in PvP and like many players I can get a long streak of wins which explains why there is such a HUGE gap in pts at the top of PvP because the AI defense is a JOKE.

When you need 3K+ pts just to get from top 50 to top 30 then it gets worst from there, you pretty much have to play 24/7 to finish better then top 30.

When I get attacked and lose on defense … I lose 2 or 3 pts but when I invade I get on average 25 pts … now scale this for every player lol

The AI can be hugely improved with minimal programming by giving it a one-turn look-ahead capability. The human player can find all sorts of match-4 combos the AI misses because it doesn’t see where something can drop down after the first match. There are patterns it can look for.

You guys need the Console’s AI. It sets up combos, makes multiple matches with drops and will even actively Mana deny you.

It even has a nasty habit of only ending cascades when you have no good moves to make and giving you a single move that would set it up.

It’s like playing a human, except it can tell what is going to drop.


Please don’t hate me but I may have suggested a nerf to 30+ish different troops…
It was an accident

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You make me want to stay under level 200.

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PC AI will do this as well if it can’t find any mana of it’s own colours to match. Would still like to see it set up combos though.

What worries me is I am certain that the AI even in its current form is smarter than some of the players (lol)


Here’s the problem with AI, it doesn’t scale. It’s intelligence remains the same even when you improve, knowledge or team wise.

People already complain about difficult AI “cheating” when they’re around level 5-300, but late game players are board of facing the same dumb AI with their OP teams.

There’s no proper balance because the more time you spend playing the game, the easier it is to understand and manipulate the AI.

But I’m not about to expect a free Mobile cross-platform Puzzle Quest game to have Chess levels of difficulty or tactics. I’ll just enjoy my grindy romp through the ranks with the rewards/progression being the draw to continue. (Like the Diablo games, or any classic JRPG!)


You share my sentiments.

Yes it’ll mana deny you if it has no option, we all know that. On Console, for example, you charge Valkyrie and it’ll target Blues, especially ones that would create 4/5-matches

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Love the new changes, my defenses are a lot better now.

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