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Modifier mode for battles

To keep things fun and random, especially for late game players, I would love to see a “modifier mode” applicable to all battle types. Basically, for a gold fee you could enable this mode, with a buff to rewards if you win. All of the mods come in groups, and only one from each group can be randomly selected (up to 3 mods can apply). Some will accelerate the battle, some will slow it down, and some will just make it…different.

Some example mod groups:

All troops start Empowered
All troops start Diseased

All troops start Fast
All troops start Entangled

Both banners apply to both sides
Both banners do nothing

Jumble mana amounts required within a team
Jumble mana colors required within a team

All troops using [color] gain [1-2] [stat] per turn
All troops using [color] lose [1-2] [stat] per turn

All troops gain 1 mana per turn
All troops lose 1 mana per turn unless full

Double effectiveness of all traits
Halve effectiveness of all traits

All troops have all traits enabled
Traits are all disabled

[color] mana appears twice as often
[color] mana appears half as often

Battle rewards doubled
Battle rewards halved

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Sounds like fun imho. I would definitely utilize a mode like this if it was available.

Good thinking

Seems this happens with traits :thinking:

Mmmm, no thanks, doesn’t appeal to me.

sounds fun to put in a different minigame type or event
not exactly as a modifier to all game types imo, still has potential to be fun for a little while. just dont make it mandatory for efficient farming

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