Modders on the nintendo switch imperial jewel mod

they have 255 troops out of 240
they have been in a guild for 200 days
they are all over pvp please ban them!
add a report player feature
theres over 200 of them!


Appreciate the report. But you should PM a dev instead as they have no call out policy

Kafka or salty will take care of it

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thats great and all but theres no pm box to those two when i click their profile

i figured it out thanks


So much for the Switch being free of hacks. 🤦

Wow, that was fast

I can confirm that this isn’t a hack. As we did when the original game went live, we populated the database with a bunch of user accounts that don’t fight battles, but have teams, levels etc. like normal users.

This was so that when it comes to PvP, there would actually be opponents to fight for the new adopters of the game. These users should slowly phase out of the matchmaking tables as more actual players play the game. We’ll make sure of this today to make sure these players are phased out of PvP asap.


well you should have posted this info when you first attempt pvp as these accounts seams like real users and or mods.


They are “bots” though. :wink:

It’s a necessary evil to start out with. The match making Requires a large database of player options.
And yeah they could’ve said something in the forefront. But it probably won’t matter in the long run. As long as they bots in the game people are going to report them.

well now the truth is out i can spread the word in global chat etc…
thanks for finally clearing it all up though.

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