Mobile notification about guild task rewards

Much as the title say. Get a notification on cellphone/mobile when 10-12 tasks has been done and rewards is ready to be taken.

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Come on Eika are you not a dedicated player that logs in every day no matter what? :wink:

haha…I am, but even me has lost some task rewards due the 20 task cap…

Some type of “task counter” would be a very nice feature for guilds to have. Then people would know exactly how many had been completed each day and know whether or not to donate anymore.

The limit definately needs to be increased. Its a shame that the more active guilds cant share their rewards equally. Also, I think the time zones dont help. If we were all in one time zone then it would be quieter at night for all but as it is guildies in another time zone can be racking tasks up in the middle of someone elses night and by the time they log on in the morning the limit has been surpassed.

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As someone whose guild is outside the top 100 and has never seen more than 3 tasks accumulate, I am not filled with sympathy for people with the problem of only collecting 20 such rewards. :stuck_out_tongue:

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