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[Mobile] Can't access chat on ISP's Wi-Fi - ports to enable?

Hi there, I am unable to access the GoW chat on my mobile phone when I am connected to home Wi-Fi. I live in Poland and my ISP is Orange, and this is a Neostrada Fiber 300Mbps.
When I am using mobile data (Orange mobile data) on my phone, I can access the chat without a problem. Same goes for my girlfriend’s mobile data (Orange mobile data as well).
The issue starts when I am connected to my home Wi-Fi. I can log in normally, but the chat does not connect, and whenever I try to connect to it manually, it tries loading for a while, and then returns a “We don’t seem to be able to connect to the chat server right now. Please try again later.” The game itself runs smoothly, loads properly, and is generally working properly.

Now, I encountered similar connectivity issues to various features of an online game before, and usually opening some port forwarding was enough to take care of the problem. My question is: What ports does GoW use for handling global chat? I would like to try opening them in my router settings to see if this is enough. Or is there some other proven solution to try?

Thank you in advance!