:-) Mitribain guild is recruiting new members,rank #65 :-)

Mitribain invites new members to join!

(Updated 17.05.'17)
Grandmaster 1 league, 300% gold
Guild level —> 300
Guild rank —> 65
Statues level —> all between 78 and 100
Weekly seals —> over 30k and more each week

Mitribain is looking for enthusiastic daily active chatreader teamplayers.

The guild completes at least 3 tasks/week and all the tasks + some legendary (16 last time) every 6-8 weeks.
Also,all of us here are pushing towards 40k seals weekly.

The guild has a growing appetite and we aim for more!

What do we expect of Mitribains :
-all kingdoms lvl 10
-pvp tier 1 weekly
-1000 min seals
-read and participate in guild chat,follow the announcements

6 days of inactivity without notice would be a reason to kick.

Welcome :slight_smile:

Level 420, all kingdoms lvl 10, all kingdoms (except last two) five star.

Your guild sounds like a good fit for me. I’m active and contribute regularly. Invite code BALDRED

Invite sent

Hi,everybody :slight_smile:

We’re still looking for one more member!

Level 214, always on everyday
Invite code HMRS

Thanks !

MolsonDry, you have just been INVITED :slight_smile:

I’m there, Thanks !

We have 2 spots open atm,jump in :wink: