Missing Team Bonus for 3 or 4 Boss troops

Platform, device version and operating system:
Android, Windows but most likely all platforms.

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Team Bonus for having 3 or 4 Boss troops in the team is missing. Also the titile “Boss General” and “Boss Capitan” is dispalyed as variable.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
All the time

Steps to make it happen again
Create a team with 3 or 4 Boss troops, click on any troop and check Team Bonuses for this team.

Afaik there is no boss related pet. No boss pet = no boss bonus.
Secondly doesnt exist any boss related kingdom. No boss kingdom = no boss bonus.

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We neither have a pet for Wildfok Troop Type, but bonus is applied anyway and works correctly.

The pet doesn’t define whether the bonus is applied, but it multiplies the bonus already present:

Also, we dont have specified kingdoms for many troop types e.g. Elemental, Construct, Wargare, but the bonus is applied as well:

Construct has no assigned Kingdom and no Pet (so exactly as Boss) and bonus is applied.

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Bonuses existed before pets.
Kingdoms are unrelated to boss troop typing.

This topic is accurate.

I don’t think they thought anyone would put a team of 3/4 bosses together and forgot to come up with a bonus.

At least they have a new pet to consider making.


as far as I understand it, boss is another rarity, like legendary & mythic, not a troop type. rarities don’t have bonuses set in teams, e.g. there is no bonus set for having 4 mythic troops as well. Only troop types have the “x General” bonus applied.

So it appears to me that having a boss troop bonus is neither intended nor expected behaviour.

Boss is definitely a troop type. Its even included as an option in the troop filter. All of those Raid troops that do 3-5x damage to bosses are doing extra damage to a troop type, not a rarity.

If you use the in-game filters to sort by Base Rarity, Boss Mythic troops are mixed in with other Base Mythics.

As for other non-Mythic sources of Bosses, take a look at Dungeon Bosses or Raid Minion Bosses.

As of right now, Red border troops are there to easily let people know that you can do bonus damage to them with Raid troops. That’s about it.


If this was they case, they’d be soon expecting us to have 5 extra mythic copies to make our e.g. Phoenicia Boss Rarity…

…no please?
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