Missing Status Effect Traits

After spending far too much time trying to find a list of status effects and not being able to find an easy to use one, I eventually gave up and resorted to searching for specific terms in the game’s troop search menu.
I’d like to point out that it would be great if we could choose terms to exclude as well as include (like if I want to search for traits that do something and exclude a specific trait I don’t want), since that would have made it a lot easier.
But, something I stumbled across while looking for specific traits, is that there seems to be a lot of traits which function in a similar manner, regarding status effects, but many status effects have no relevant traits.
For reference, here’s a spreadsheet I made to highlight the current gaps.

To explain the columns:

  • Status Effect is the relevant effect listened alphabetically by positive and then by negative.
  • Immune Trait shows the relevant trait which makes a troop immune to that status effect specifically.
  • Offensive Trait shows the trait which inflicts the relevant status effect (on self or on the enemy) when dealing skull damage to an enemy.
  • Defensive Trait shows the trait which inflicts the relevant status effect (on self or on the enemy) when taking skull damage from an enemy.
  • 2xSkull shows the trait which allows a troop to deal double the normal skull damage to an enemy when they have the relevant status effect.

Obviously some traits wouldn’t make sense, such as dealing double damage to an enemy when they have barrier, or troops being immune to positive status effects. And this doesn’t include a bunch of other traits, such as those which make a troop immune to multiple status effects (excluding fireproof and immune, which each give two immunities and are shown with an asterisk after them, since they are the only traits which give immunity to the relevant status effects, as well as broken jaw in regard to silence as it is also the only trait which inflicts it when dealing skull damage), such as high ancestry. However, there are still several places that have an “x” because there is no relevant trait in the game yet, which fills that niche, as far as I can see.
Obviously, I may have missed a trait somewhere, so if anyone knows of any, I’ll add them in, but for now, this seems a comprehensive list.

So, as for the point of this post, I’d like to suggest that some of these missing status effect traits please be added to the game, and given to new troops that are added in the future, as a way to add more variety. Thanks.


Are there any traits that we as players would really like to see added as a priority, or any that we really wouldn’t want to see added anytime soon? Just as added feedback.

Personally, double skull damage vs blessed troops, and bless myself when taking skull damage would be great traits to be added, to create counters in PvP. And I’d rather Lycanthropy traits were avoided or left until last, as it’s an annoying enough status effect already. But that’s just my view, and I’m sure there’s players who’s love to have troops with a trait like those.

Here’s a few quick additions to your list:

  • “Fey Touch” (Summer Knight, etc) - inflicts Faerie Fire with Skull damage
  • “Impact” (Stone hero talent) - inflicts Stun after receiving Skull damage.

Also, Impervious/Invulnerable are currently the only traits which can negate Bleed.

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Ah, good catch, thanks. Thought I’d got all the “touch” traits, but somehow I missed that one. Figured I missed something, because there’s a bunch of traits with weird wording, so it was hard to find everything I wanted.
I added Fey Touch, so edited it to an updated version

I haven’t added Impact, since it’s only a hero trait (several hero traits aren’t used by other troops) and I wanted a list of troop traits, but it shows that it could be used for them if the code is there, so thanks for pointing it out. I didn’t go through the hero classes, so there might be other traits there that can fit on this list too, but either way, I’d like them to add them to more troops, to give more variety.

There are sentinels’ traits:
Flaming curse: curse and burning
Stunning curse: curse and stun
Entangling curse: curse and entangle
Frozen curse: curse and freeze
Webbed curse: curse and web
Diseased curse: Curse and disease
Since sentinels are very rare, they are usually not seen outside underspire.

Magma hide looks the same to scalding.

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The sentinels also have Curse Hunter, 2x skull damage vs cursed enemies.

It’s kind of neat that we have unique 3X damage for burn, frozen, entangled (scalding, icy cloak, tinsel terror respectively).

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Yeah, there’s only a handful of triple damage (Tannenbaum, Baphomet and Borealis), which is another group that could be expanded. There’s also Lethal Toxin on Webspinner, which deals triple skull damage to enemies with either poison OR web. But that’s it.

I don’t know if this will help you or not, but here’s my database of troop traits with effect text. I don’t update this very often (prior to this, the last update was before Vulpacea was released), but I did my best to make it current as of today.

On the third tab, I pulled every trait I could identify that related to a specific status effect.

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Thanks. That is really useful, and pretty much exactly what I was originally looking for, but couldn’t find. Hopefully, if anyone else is looking for something similar, they can find it now. =]