Missing 'Difficulty' section (Resolved)

Code: ISIDRO_29
Char: Isidro
Guild: Lost Vikings

Platform, device version and operating system: Android mobile. Samsung S8.

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I wanted to change the difficulty in Explore and Challenge.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
With the biggest uodate last year, I cannot recall the version. This is when game got new menu. I was recently watching YouTube videos and saw that people have the difficulty option for Explore and Challenges. Q

Steps to make it happen again
Navigate to Explore or Challenge screen and search for Difficulty section.

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I can confirm I have that difficulty selector on iOS, so something’s fishy here.

Hi Guys,

Not sure how quick usually support replies since I’m new. Apologies for being pushy.

Since I saw in YouTube different strategies I want to play using different DIFFICULTY.

I reinstalled the game and it is the same, no DIFFICULTY section.

At the support - check my invite code ISIDRO_29. I don’t want to quit the game but if I’m getting different content and have to spend ages to catch up with others, this is not feasible.


I downloaded the game on PC and linked the dame account.

On PC I still cannot see thr difficulty menu.

developers should be online in about 4 hours or so, and they can look at your account
@Cyrup @Kafka

@Perfectford If you are a brand new player its possible the Difficulty option is disabled until you reach a certain level. The developers found new players would change it and find the game completely impossible to win and quit playing forever. I kind of recall something like this being implemented a few years ago. If I’m mistaken the Developers will be getting into the office in a few hours.

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Thanks Strat, jzg,

I’m actually not a new player - level 1015 and VIP 8. Just recently started to show more interest in different strategies and saw the forum and videos.

I will wait for the developers and see the verdict.

“Support” is a small team of people in Australia, so they don’t tend to show up until ~4 PM Sunday in many US time zones, and by about midnight Thursday they’ve clocked out.

And it’s a long weekend in Australia, with Monday being a holiday. So Infinity Plus Two’s support crew may not be back until Tuesday.

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Update here:

I was checking the Arena and seems the menu is missing from there as well.
It says my difficulty level is N/A and I get to fight with troops with 15 heath vs. ones with 50 heath.

Check screenshot.

I’m also on PC but I have difficulty setting (and working one, too; checked it just seconds ago) both in Explore and Arena, so this doesn’t seem to be a huge global bug, but something, reading posts above, doesn’t sound right, for sure.

Put your invite code, player name, guild in top post so the devs can find you. Sounds like your profile needs fixing somehow.

This is a bug the team is aware of - it’s a bit of a complicated one so no resolution at this stage. Please send me your invite code (or post it) and I will fix this for you @Perfectford

Nevermind, just found it in the above post. I will address your ticket with a response when this is fixed for you. Otherwise, your case has been added to the main report.

@Cyrup, thank you very much for the support.

It is now fixed. I confirm that:

  • Difficulty menu is present
  • Settings button on home screen works
  • Chat button works
  • I see Daily quests in troops menu.

For the last point I didn’t know I’m missing it. Again when watching videos I saw people have it. The second and third point I reported separately.

Also, last night I removed the game from my phone and installed again. With a new char all above was working. The moment I linked my account (before the fix) the points above didn’t work.
Tested to link my account on a second Android device - again, only my char was affected.

Thank you again for thr help. All is working fine now.

Hey @Perfectford! Not a problem. When did you first start playing Gems of War?

Hi @Cyrup,
I can’t recall exactly, I see email confirmation request from Feb 2017. I do recall playing at that time and gave it a break for few months around Q4 2017. I came back to the game somewhere mid 2018.
Currently catching up on stuff.

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Thanks for that!