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🌟 Misguided Misfits are recruiting! League rank 7 PS4. 1.2 million gold, 2k seals 600T. All tasks , LTs & events completed weekly, GW Br1

Misguided Misfits have been here since Day 1 in Gems of War!

What we offer;
All tasks are completed within 24 hours of reset and multiple LTs per week. All guild events are completed.
We run two PSN chats - general chat & pet rescue alerts. We are friendly and supportive of each other and share useful teams.

Our expectations;
Minimum weekly requirements are 1.2 million gold, 2k seals and 600T. Requirements for world events are posted weekly.

Interested in joining us? PSN penguindizzy or Kittymadcow or message me on here

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