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Misfits & Mayhem

If you, like us, enjoy your Mayhem best with other active players, then … you’ve found us! We are a mix of higher level, experienced players (86% 1000+) and newer, highly motivated players. We’re also a social and active community, cater to the semi-casual game-play style, and we welcome both current and returning players!

What we can offer:

  • 40K seals weekly, usually by Wed/Thurs.
  • all Basic Tasks completed on Monday and all Epic Tasks to 8+ each week.
  • friendly guild members willing to help any other member.
  • We provide guides, tips and training, as well as event support on our discord server.

What we require:

  • Entry Level for new members: hero at 400+ and
  • if all kingdoms levelled to 10: weekly reqs of 100K/1500S/100T
  • OR
  • if all kingdoms levelled to 7+: weekly reqs of 1500S/100T and 0 gold for 2 weeks until all kingdoms at 10.
  • Other Requirements: playing all guild events (important!)

  • Our gold/seals/trophy requirements are flexible, and increase gradually based on rank.


  • If you feel that you can manage the weekly requirements, please come join us on our Discord server → here, where we can give you more information and answer any questions you may have.
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