MINOR Traitstones from Vault Keys

Theres no reason minor traitstones should be in the drop table for the Vault. They should be random rewards from the battle, like during an explore fight or almost any other activity.

I cant imagine anyone needs minor traitstones so much theyd be happy to get them rather than any other vault reward. I would also say soul drops from Gnomes in Vault shouldnt happen either but 1 thing at a time. Not like this will get done either lol


They need some trash entrances so you wouldn’t get all stuff from a couple of vault events
Dont you ever mind orbs of level up or ingots

The trash as mentioned is souls. I would also say Gold is a trash reward but the case is harder there since everyone needs gold always.

Event keys are garbage in my book. Note the recent Kurandara issue not to mention weavergate etc…

Vault troops are completely useless aside from Cedric but do you need 800 copies? I dont know anyone that does.

There are other trash rewards, minor traitstones dont need to be there. Any other traitstones (especially Runic Yellow and Red) would be much better even if not that much of an improvement. Make them part of the battle rewards, not what the gnomes can drop

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