Minimum Requirements To Start A Guild

Right now there are over 20,000 guilds on the PS4. The problem with this is it stagnates the population to the point that we all have to fight to get people to join the current active guilds out there. This in turn creates a lot players simply guild hopping to go up the food chain. It also allows for a lot of excessive bragging from low level noobs sitting top 100 guilds that in other games you would rarely see because of more stringent rules on starting a guild.

I propose that inorder to start a new guild that a bare minimum of a million gold be required to purchase entry. This will keep players from starting an account and just creating a guild rather than being forced to joining a preexisting guild. This will add more people to the pool and allow for an easier time to run the guild. As of right now I have 7 inactive people who have contributed little to the guild and 2 open spaces and trying to fill those last 2 spaces has been a challenge.

I’ve also confronted those who have left and gone guild hopping to a higher guild and the only reason they left was they could get higher up than I have achieved because that guild has multiple open slots too. So help us GM’s out by keeping new guilds from forming so easily.

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