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Mini game woot woot

Treasure Map & Arena have 2 things in common:

  1. It takes too long for what you get out of it especially late game.
  2. I can’t use my own troop in Arena & Treasure Maps … yeah I get my hero in arena with made up stats :stuck_out_tongue:

PvP is just too good and a great ratio of time/reward. With 100% gold & soul bonuses you can get up to 4500-5K gold & 50-100 souls & 3 trophies per match if you face opponent #3… Why not give us a decent reward for mini games ?

New mini game idea:

The difficulties we were barely using in game will be used in this mini game to determine the strength of the AI. Keep the monster stats bonuses but remove the bonus xp,gold,souls… instead it will be a reward for winning the battle.

You have to pick one of the level to battle.

Level 1: Normal - All common cards AI
Level 2: Hard - Any combination of common/rare AI
Level 3: Warlord 1 - Any combination of common/rare/ultra rare AI
Level 4: Warlord 2 - Any combination of common/rare/ultra rare/epic rare AI
Level 5: Warlord 3 - Any combination of common/rare/ultra rare/epic rare/legendary AI
Level 6: Warlord 4 - Any combination of common/rare/ultra rare/epic rare/legendary/mythic AI

I remember trying Warlord 4… its insanely strong so keep that in mind when you look at rewards.

How it works?

First thing, the AI should rotate on a daily or weekly basis so we don’t face always the same 4 troops.

You are given 15 turns at any difficulty to kill your opponent, if you fail you lose and of course the higher the level the better rewards for defeating your opponent.

EVERY 4 gem/skull match: Extra turn added to your 15 total + 1 minor stone + 1 gold key + 1 random common card

So you just got a bada$$ cascade, you will get the above for every 4 match (so its possible to get multiple extra turns added to to your total 15 with a cascade BUT you always ONLY get just 1 extra move on the board for each cascade just like it is right now)

EVERY 5 gem/skull match or better: Extra turn added to your 15 total + 2 minor stone + 2 gold key + 2 random common card


Level 1: 50 souls, 250 gold, 0 trophy
Level 2: 100 souls, 500 gold, 1 trophy
Level 3: 150 souls, 1K gold, 2 trophies
Level 4: 200 souls, 2K gold, 3 trophies
Level 5: 300 souls, 4K gold, 5 trophies
Level 6: 750 souls, 10K gold, 10 trophies

Just like everywhere else in game, let us use armor bonuses to boost reward.

That’s about it, its a good way to collect minor stones, gold keys & commons which should be the easiest thing to obtain while also giving you a great amount of gold to donate to your guild to get glory/gems while still obtaining souls & trophies as a side bonus.

One thing its not providing is Runic/Arcane/Celestial ressources which should be grinded and/or bought for real $ for the game to survive financially.

Arena will always be there if you need a ton of souls fast and treasure maps will always be there for providing chances of obtaining the ressources/keys/wings that this mini game is not providing.

Thanks for reading!

interesting, but i think the reward for 5matches is a bit steep… you could potentially farm unlimited with a converter loop team.

Yeah it could be exploited but it’s common drops it should be easy to obtain. They could set a Max like they do with Valk souls, I can’t seem to get more then 70 souls / PvP match with dragon armor.

Consider that treasure hunt only gives a traitstone every 15 matches, and a normal battle only one per battle, which may take more than 15 matches, but almost certainly less for players with good teams. You’re suggesting they give out not just a traitstone for nearly every match – and that it was it would mean for anyone with a clue – but effectively the contents of 3-6 gold keys? Every turn? That is absurdly higher than any other method of resource collection in the game, and the restrictions you’ve suggested wouldn’t make it any harder than anything else people steamroll regularly.

The hidden problem with giving significantly higher rewards for any particular activity is that it makes people feel like they’re forced to do it. They may want to do something else, but can’t justify spending their time that way. That’s the current state of treasure hunt for a lot of people, and adding something with a payout structure like you’ve suggested would only make it worse.

We’ve already got PvP doing that, we need something new to stop boring PvP all day, need something new to stop PvP once in a while something that’s worth doing… Treasure Maps, Arena, Challenges are certainly not worth my time and the time of many players.

What’s wrong with having alot of drops that should be the easiest to obtain but unfortunately is not the case right now which makes no sense… By the time I have 300 glory keys I might have been lucky enough to get 20 gold keys.

Let’s not replace one problem with another. We need multiple activities to be of comparable value to PvP – or, alternatively, to provide unique value that is not comparable at all. Making PvP nearly worthless by adding a new activity that is significantly more rewarding may be pleasing to those who are bored of PvP, but wouldn’t be better for the game overall, because then you’d have people who would rather PvP but feel discouraged from doing so.

Your question can better be interpreted as “What’s wrong with completely eliminating the value of gold keys?” Players always want more, but the more they are given, the less they value each individual reward. To be sure, too slow and players get bored, or feel their effort is worthless, and so they stop playing. Too fast, however, and they consume content far faster than the developers can create new content, get bored, and also stop playing. There’s an optimal range, and the developers have plenty of data and feedback on where that is. Just because players will always ask for more isn’t sufficient reason to give it to them.

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Everytime i see this topic i think we are getting a new minigame.

I agree with the OP’s feelings about TH and Arena. I even started a thread for each which I will link later when I’m not on mobile. But I feel that the OP reward structure is ridiculously generous. It would completely skew the game.

My suggestion for Arena was to have the awards stack like Tier rewards, so 8 victories means you receive all 8 rewards, with the understanding that the rewards would need to be modified (reduced) so as not to be too generous.

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The level 4 payout is similar to opponent #3 in terms of difficulty and its similar payout as PvP.

Level 5 and 6 will take way longer then opponent #3 in PvP especially level 6 @ warlord 4 , mythic with 100 life , that’s a good long fight and you should be rewarded for it.

you’re also missing the part that if you fail to win by either getting defeated or running out of time… you get no souls/gold/trophies. This WILL happen alot for level 5 & 6.

The point is you should be able to pick what you want to do in this game and NOT be forced to do PvP all day because that’s the only thing that gives something worth it right now.

It’s in the dev’s best interests if you’re playing a mode dependent on acquiring and upgrading your troops. Frankly, it’s weird Arena even exists since it can be a stand-alone experience that never feeds into monetization. Same goes for Treaure Hunt for that matter. There’s no reason for them to make the rewards on par with PvP.