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Mini game suggestion

i was thinking about a new mini game and witcher 3 Gwent (card game) came in my mind and i was thinking we could do something similar in gow. for those who didin’t played witchers 3 it’s very nice and addictive strategic card game.


When a match begins, the game selects the starting player with a coin toss. (player against ai)

From there, each person receives 10 random cards pulled from their decks. You then discard two cards you don’t want and redraw in the hope of receiving two superior cards. You normally redraw once per match.(you can get mutiple same card)

With the match underway, players put a Unit Card on the board in a combat row; you play one card per turn unless the card you placed contains an ability that allows more than one. Furthermore, you have the option to also play a Weather Card that may boost that Unit Card’s power.

Units Cards contain different amounts of Strength points that comprise your overall total. You win a round if you have more points than the other player. A round concludes when both players no longer have cards or one person decides to pass on his or her turn and the other player has more points.

The first person to win two out of three rounds takes the match.


contain type of deck for every kingdom. In each deck you will find a unique Leader Card, Unit Cards, Special Cards and Weather Cards. Finally, decks possess signature abilities.

exemples of signature abilities depending witch kingdom you choose

-You will receive one additional card every time you win a round.

-You automatically win rounds that end in draws.

-choose which player begins a round.

-You will have a random Unit Card on the board following a round.

  • opp can’t use Leader card before third turn

-exchange card with the opponent

these are only examples, would need to find special signature for each kingdom

Types of Cards

Leader Cards: This character serves as the commander of your deck. Each Leader card has an ability players can use once per match and during his or her turn.

Unit Cards: These are more like the grunts of battle, allowing you to score lots of points. During play you will find three types of these cards, Close, Ranged and Magic. Understand what each card does, since they have the power to make played cards stronger.

Special Cards: These cards produce different effects on cards already on the game board. This includes those aforementioned Weather Cards, but don’t be too hasty. A weather card can negatively impact every single card in play, even yours! This may have serious consequences for your Strength points, though at least on the positive side, there’s a Weather card that eliminates previously played Weather cards.

The key here is to understand what each Weather card does. Fog wrecks Ranged Combat cards, Snow impacts Close Combat cards and Rain affects magic cards.

Hero Cards: Consider these among the most powerful cards in your deck. Special cards have no affect, so consider playing these instead of Unit cards.

these are the rules of gwent and i added couple of my own ideas but pretty sure we could do something really cool with this

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Mmmmm not such a mini-game as a completely different game…

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Aren’t they actually releasing Gwent as a standalone game too?

A simple mini game they could implement would be a top trump style card game. I’d buy the actual physical cards to play with nephews etc. too


Gwent from the witcher 3 or gwent the official witcher card game? Both are from the franchise and each play differently sort of.