[Mini-game proposal] Kingdom Defense

Hello everyone. I believe there’s a lot of enthusiasts of this great game out there…
… but I for one believe a bit more variety when it comes to mini games wouldn’t hurt.

So without further ado, let’s begin with the idea:

Kingdom Defense


  • Survive for up to 25 turns against passively spawning AI in order to get full reward
  • At least 1 of your troops must survive
  • You get different rewards based on how many turns you survived


  • Pick 1 from 3 randomly chosen Kingdoms (Only Kingdoms of 3+ troops count)

  • Pick 3 troops of your chosen Kingdom from your personal pool;

  • Pick your Hero weapon. Class and perks are unlocked and traits are locked for this mode.

  • If the enemy team is wiped out, two more troops are summoned

  • If possible, the enemy team will summon a new troop every <4> turns

  • The goal of full reward would go further with player level, increasing the maximum reward in the process

    • Maximum reward goal starts at 15 turns and Increase by 5 turns every 75 levels, up to 25 turns at level 150
  • The rarity and power of summoned troops increase with turns passed. Level of enemy troops based on player team score

    • Starting with: 2 Rare & 2 Ultra-rare; spawning Rare
    • After 5 turns: spawning Ultra-rare
    • After 10 turns: spawning Ultra rare & traited
    • After 15 turns: spawning Epic & traited
    • After 20 turns: spawning legendary & traited

The idea of this game mode would be to uphold the unique mechanics of Gems of War but bring different strategies to the table.
This would also promote healers and mana drain from the game in contrast to other modes. RNG factor will stay a part of the game but it will also allow new players to get more familiar with Kingdom bonuses and Hero management.

[EDIT: Added max turns goal based on player level; Player troops changed from scaled to chosen from player card pool]
[Credit for the turns scaling idea goes to @Annaerith ]

If the progress of the game or other aspects proposed seem unbalanced, I’ll be glad if you leave your opinions on this suggestion below and share your ideas.
Also, keep in mind that specific numbers are a subject for change. Concept is what matters.

Thank you for reading!


i like it but i think your troops should be based on your collection and the enemy troops level/rarity/traits should just increase with time (regardless to player level)

@Annaerith I thought of that, initially, but thought it would end up with the very same pattern as rankeds, where three most powerful teams dominate and the rest falls into oblivion.

I believe internal randomness is a good thing (random factor that you can count with beforehand).

When it comes to the troop power increase… There might be a problem with new vs. veteran players difference. It would end up being impossible for new players to complete while way too easy for veterans.

Anyway, your insight is really helpful and I thank you for your ideas.
Every one counts.

Sounds a bit like the Survival or Gauntlet modes which have been requested here quite often… here’s a recent thread, including my take on it: A new Gauntlet Game Mode

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@Jainus Oh, I missed that one.

Thank you very much for sharing. That mode sounds a bit different, but would definitely be much easier to code and implement.
But the idea of that thread’s game mode suggests different “waves” as in games, whereas your team heals as you progress further (but is stat penalized with each progress).

And that would leave the game in the very same position as every single game mode except treasure hunt. I was seeking for a completely different approach that would promote different troops and strategies but will keep the soul of Gems of War.

One way or another, having different points of view is always welcome. Thanks for sharing.

yes i am aware of that. but please understand the concept of how developers earn any money in this game - its cause of the ppl desiring to get better and stronger cards buying resources to try to get them. if your minigame mode is totally neglecting that then either it has to give very little benefits for playing it OR if the rewards of this minigame are worth it then it means its not worth for developers to make it happen as it would just undermine their income in the end

alos the fact that beginners will perform worse then old players is not a bad thing, as you progress in game you should feel achievement, its a driving motivating force to progress

long story short, you can design this minigame to be early-levels friendly and make the rewards good for early game but not late game (like arena)
or you can design it for late game and make it fair rewards for late gamers, in same time limiting the progress chances for low levels

you cant get the both: low levels and end gamers to have best performance and best rewards in it

That is an excellent point @Annaerith .

This taken into consideration, I wouldn’t really mind the troops being from personal pool (I think keeping the random choice of kingdoms would still work, but please, I’d like to hear your opinion on that as well). However, the enemy siege spawned would definitely have to grow in stats. Maybe compared to your level, or your team score. I would definitely go with the latter.

This is exactly the feedback that I was looking for. Much appreciated.

i think it would need to be beta tested but:

  • to make more chance in combat make it possible to choose 2 kingdoms instead of one? or make it dependant on player level (noramally early levels have much smaller collection so one kingdom units would be very weak) lv1-100 allow 3 kingdoms, lv101-300 allow 2 kingdoms, lv301+ allow one kingdom? just a wild shot on the numbers

  • stats and levels of enemy spawns can be preset for each spawn (something like growing levels for first 12 spawns from lv5 to lv20, and each next spawn is just lv 20 with a +1 random stat with the bonus stat growing for each spawn from then on, like +1 +2 +3 +4 etctotal bonus random stats) - i dont think that part should be tied to player account level at all

@Annaerith I’m afraid I don’t agree with that suggestion.
If it was according to your suggestion, you’d leave a whole category of players out of the mini game. It would either be too easy for veterans or too difficult for early players.

Every Mini game currently is not affected by player progression. It is available to all player categories. By strictly setting raw strength value to troops without exception, you would leave out the user-friendly aspect.
If we want to stick to your former suggestion of personal troops pool - we have to make sure that people won’t complain about how unfair it is.

If we went by the idea that enemy team is adjusted to your team score, you wouldn’t feel punished for picking the right (even though unleveled or untraited) troop.

Bonus stats for spawned troops after adjusted enemy strength is, of course, a good suggestion but wouldn’t work without the balance factor. If anything, it wouldn’t be fun.

When it comes to Kingdoms… I can’t say. I don’t think it’s necessary. Discovering them all is one of the first things player do. The Mini-Game could be unlocked after having all Kingdoms revealed. And could only count Kingdoms with 3+ troops unlocked.
(It would even encourage new players to go for new troops, probably spending money on the game - if they like it)

(side note: all the lv100 assumptions below are done based alone on my own experienced and observations, could be statistically wrong)

have you tried to imagine to beat some of this minigame fights using troops from only one kingdom while early game?

TL;DR: this feature will be very early/early-mid game unfriendly if only one kingdom offered for early/early-mid players

lets even say lv100 - by that time i can guess you have 1 to 3 legendaries, maybe 20 epics but otherwise missing the rest of epic and legendaries not to mention mythics.

  • now you are offered to pick from 3 kingdoms:
    there is slim odds that any of those kingdoms will be the ones that you have the legendary from, and even if so, by that time do you have that legendary leveled or is it any useful at all? (the silent one, gar’nok etc) most of troops in all 3 kingdoms will not be leveled at all, many of them will not have any synergy in it (as you probably will be missing the synergy-giving epic troop) in overall it will be a disaster unless one of the kingdoms will be the ones you actually worked on (typically by lv100 you get 2 to 4 teams leveled&ready oscilating around 1- 3 kingdoms)

TL;DR scaing from team score will never be fair for both early and late gamers

2 to 4 teams leveled&ready oscilating around 1- 3 kingdoms -
at that point scaling to your regular overall player teamscore (the score you normally patch up in your teams) will be nothing close to what you can patch up from one kingdom (where most of your leveled/traited troops will not be there) - while end game players have everything more or less leveled/traited/ascended so their overall teamscore would be not much different then the actual team score of single kingdom team - this means scaling from overall team score would hurt early players more then the late players

alternatively scaling from the actual team score of the team used in minigame would couse more troubles:

  • ppl being punished for leveling/ascending/traiting the troops that are battle-useless but they did it for kingdom power level, thus punishing later players who develop unused troops while the new players dont have such problem
    -how would u even count enemy difficulty while your team score could change during fight? (some troops die, some troops gets summoned)
  • Arena is affected - later game opens up more weapons (including the infamous runic blade, or whatever it is called) - also the rewards are scaled to be best return of investment in the early game - for late game the rewards are not worth it but they are still enough to justify time spent in a fun chellenging way for ppl who find fun in it regardless of their development state) TL;DR arena is targeted for early game

  • treasure hunting similiar to arena - is targeted for early game and later players who find it fun while they dont mind less roi

  • currently we dont have any minigame targeted for mid/late gamers (unless you mean pvp and that does scale with player development)


after some thinking i do agree something could be done (besides opening more kingdoms for early players)

  • the total turn count needed to win (or to reach milestone) could be slightly lowered depending on player account level (for example: lv1-40 would need to win only 15 turns, then +1turn per 5 levels capping at lv140+ with 25 turns)

like this the difficulty with each turn could still increase, the motivation to develop collection would be saved, and the early players could get a little more fair chance :slight_smile:

@Annaerith , that is actually a wonderful idea.

The higher the player level, the longer the goal could be set, and therefore the early players might not even have to meet legendaries at all, while veterans might end up facing spawns of mythics (with bonus stats, let’s say) at the end, naturally progressing with rewards, to keep it appealing as well as to encourage players to maximize stuff out.

The numbers are not really important for now, I’d say. The concept is what matters and your idea @Annaerith is priceless. Thank you for the thought you put into it.

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