Mini-Game Idea: Order to Chaos

The ending of the Khaziel campaign has inspired an idea to my skull. What about a mini-game of chaos!

The Birth: Anyone who’s played through Khaziel knows that {SPOILER ALERT} Gorgotha reaches his final form! {/SPOILER ALERT} and all the stats and mana color chaos is simply beautiful! So I thought, “Hey, why not allow more troops have that sort of special treatment?” and here I am, telling you all this junk you already know to eventually make a point or something…

…Okay, enough stalling!

The Event!: Taking place in the crazy land of Karakoth, monsters are showing odd signs of insanity. From skills value being 1-3 more or less, to Mana Colors being completely different from the norm (mana cost/actual effect remain the same), something is screwy here.

Cost would be… 2000 gold and a Sanity Token.

Here’s where it acts a bit like the arena. You’ll pick from 1 of 3 troop options 3 times like usual, starting from Rare, to Ultra Rare, to Epic! Yep, epics are involved now. It’d be a nice way to advertise them since story modes show off Legendaries just fine. But there’s a twist!

All your troop members stats and mana colors are randomized! (They’re displayed during the picking phase, don’t worry you’re not left in the dark.) Each troops stats should probably alter by about 5 more and 5 less overall. It’s negotiable.
[Example: Brian the Lucky, Level 10 Stats; Life 9, Atk 5, Amr 11, Mgc 3 (GreenBrown) //
New! Brian the Lucky, Level 10 Stats; Life 13 (+4), Atk 6 (+1), Amr 8 (-3), Mgc 1 (-2) (RedBlue)]

You’ll battle through 5 opponents, developed by another players team, as per usual. Another option for some thrown in chaos, you could pick your weapons primary and secondary elements before picking your troops, this way no matter what weapon you swap in, it’ll always be element 1 and/or 2. Optional, obvious, but could make for some fun strategies.

Also, let’s make it one strike and you’re out!
Also optional, but I think it’d add some pressure to the whole ordeal, fitting for a chaotic mind, no?

Now rewards, hmm…
1 Victories: 1,000 gold, 3 trophies, 1 key and 0 souls
2 Victories: 1,500 gold, 6 trophies, 1 treasure maps (and/or 1 keys) and 50 souls
3 Victories: 2,000 gold, 9 trophies, 1 treasure maps (and/or 2 keys) and 150 souls
4 Victories: 2,500 gold, 12 trophies, 2 treasure maps (and/or 2 keys) and 300 souls
5 Victories: 3,000 gold, 15 trophies, 2 treasure maps (and/or 3 keys) and 500 souls
All variable, but just what came to my head. I figured it payed you back well, plus a bit extra if you ran the right armor.
Wearing Dragon armor? Make back your gold with one victory, or have a chance to obtain 6k, that’s twice what the arena offers with the outfit.
Celestial armor? How’s a thousand souls sound? Pretty sweet right?
I also threw in the possible treasure maps as another way to earn the suckers. Could even become the definitive way if they were replaced in the glory rewards shop with Sanity Tokens (50 Glory per, plz). And tokens could be earned via higher cascade counts, idk, I can’t come up with everything here!

It’s a risk, but it’s a reward! But more than all of that, it’s fun and chaos!

I honestly don’t care if the only idea taken from this is the mana color troop swapping for some other mini-game. That’s the main point I’d love to battle with! Imagine it!

Goblin Shaman (Purple/Yellow)
Herdmaster (Blue/Green)
Green Seer (Brown/Red)
You (Whatever)

It’d be beautiful… :heart_eyes:

So… it’s a far shorter epic arena (only 5 battles), that gives way too many rewards for what it does, and you just vaguely swap colours and stats around to make it look like it’s different? I’m all for new ideas, but really not so sure about that one to be honest.

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Eh, it’s really more the idea of the color swapping that interests me. The only reason I suggested an arena style setup is because a randomized quest mode would take far more coding.

I’d love it if it was actually generated AI teams with good synchronization and mana type to further compliment it, that at the end you face a Legendary with 50 Life/Armor, 20 Attack, and an absorb all color wheel (Or whatever Gorgotha had for his final form stats).
The reason I didn’t suggest it is because of how much work would be necessary to put it into effect.

As for the battle-reward ratio, I just threw that up as an example. Like I said, it’s all variable.

So yeah, randomized quest/synchronization would be hell’a sweet, but I have my doubts of creation is all.

This might be a good place to put the new trait stones…