Milestones in GoW

When it comes to games like Gems of War, for me, I need to set myself milestones to shoot for. Something beyond the simple “Log in, donate a million gold, grind 300 trophies, repeat next week”.

Some of my first milestones were simple:
Unlock all Kingdoms
Finish all Quests
Get all Kingdoms to level 10 for the stat bonus
Get all Kingdoms to PL3 for the extra tributes
Get all Kingdoms I can to PL5 for the extra stat bonus

At that point each Kingdom became its own little milestone. Farm souls to get Adana troop to max level, then enough red minors to trait them for PL5 before moving to next Kingdom.

Then came a BIG milestone: have all troops I own leveled as high as they could. At that point I wouldn’t need souls, I could retire Valkyrie!! Oh what a day that was.

The next hurdle was as before, but pushing to PL7 for the extra tribute rewards. Started with the kingdoms with the most troops, the easiest. Ultimately any kingdom with at least 10 troops would get there.

And that is where I am. 25 kingdoms at PL7, 1 at PL5 and 1 at PL4 (Silverglade commons/rares holding me back). So the next big milestone? Traiting everything I own. I already have more than enough of every stone except arcanes. I need 24 Blue/Blue, 30 Green/Brown, and 10 Brown/Brown. That’s it. And Green/Brown is Monday, so that is easy! edit: Draakulis done, so that leaves single color arcanes for guardians.

edit: Almost forgot about ascensions. Getting all troops to mythic is another milestone, one that is a moving target since new troops are added and it is difficult to search for anything specific. Personally, I have 6 commons, 3 rares, 6 ultra-rares, 3 epics, and 5 legendary to go. One legend is Autumn Imp, so that may never hit mythic. Hopefully the commons and rares will be worked out from 14-15k gold keys when Suncrest hits.

Then what? There are 6 Mythics I don’t have, I guess I could save up enough for them just in case I luck out.
There are the spoilers about upcoming troops, such as next Kingdom, that I could farm enough to have them covered (spoiler: already done…)
After that I guess just having 21+ of each would be nice, so I’d be future proof against any new mythic.

And then… You Win? Roll credits…

What about you guys? Do you set milestones? Do you play towards a goal and then another? If so, where are you and what is your next goal? If not, what drives you on?


I’m at the soul milestone. Only need about 400k more souls to finish maxing all troops. :slight_smile:

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I think about things in a similar way, but am not nearly as far along as you are. I’m level 900+, lacking only 2 base mythics (though I’m sure my luck will change there), and have about 220 troops ascended to mythic. I’m closing in on the soul wall (about 225,000 souls to finish all the troops I have from true Kingdoms according to Ashtender, with 50,000 in the bank), and that is the goal that is front of mind for me right now. I have all my kingdoms power levelled as far as I can, but I’m held back more by traits than troop levels.

I need tons of arcanes and minors and there are too many for me to focus on anything in particular. To break that down, and to ensure that I’m making progress on this, I make sure that I buy enough arcanes with glory every week that I at least have enough to trait the new troops (whether or not I actually trait those particular troops with the stones). That makes sure that I’m making progress on arcanes and anything else that I pick up in battle or chests that week is gravy. I’ve fully traited all the commons I have, so any single colour arcanes are being saved to 3rd trait my guardians. It will take me months until I start finishing off some other Arcane types.

The console catch-up has flooded us (relatively) with new troops and kingdoms at a much faster rate than PC/Mobile has been getting over the last few months, and I’m still making progress, so once we get caught up and the rate of new troop introductions slows down again, my progress should accelerate again. I feel this much more acutely with traitstones than I do with souls.

Edit to add: just checked and I’m further along on traiting than I thought. 142 troops are fully traited, though I still need about 700 miscellaneous arcanes, plus thousands of assorted minors to finish off the rest.

Right now I’m trying to get the new kingdoms (Blackhawk and Silverglade) to 5*. Since I loathe farming in Explore, Adana still remains at 6*. All the rest are at 7. Souls are covered, gold is covered, and keys are covered for new kingdoms.
That’s when I hope to get the remaining Mythics I need.

Other than that, I have to wait for the right season to get the Imps I’m missing. Hopefully I don’t burn out before then.

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I had a basic outline of some of the milestones, but I also found I was more interested in soul farming than PVP for the longest time. (I get more XP and Souls in explore mode)

However I found that with Weekly events I switched my meandering and focus now on the kingdom that is featured in that week and get it as far as I can with souls and traits. This has proven to be quite effective. Yesterday I just had Dragon’s Claw go from barely breaking 3 stars to almost breaking 6 stars…

Last week was Mists made it to Six stars, and week before the Dwarves made it to 7 stars.

Think I like this a lot better for where to focus now each week.

Btw, this is the first week in ages that I finished PVP to 1st level and doing 2 and 3 trophies even against the evil nasty BD. It feels weird.

Btw, I am at 639 in level and have 90 Mythics fully traited and 20th level, 79 Mythics at Level 10 and 128 troops at Legendary in various states. And I am missing only 9 cards

im stuck somewhere with few of 6* kingdoms and silverglade at 4* but i dont strictly follow the kingdom power goals,

for now i decided to lay low and focus on stocing arcanes each week, especially the way to be able to trait mythics (including the incoming ones) as a priority, if it happens that the arcanes will allow me to reach the 5*/7* kingdom power milestone i will go for it - but will not madly farm these arcanes just for the sake of kingdom power :stuck_out_tongue:

so i focus on weekly goals: event points & arcanes for a more relaxed game for now

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Console catchup will put me at the end I suspect.

Every kingdom as high as it can be starred, except pirate land.

Missing plague :frowning:

55 k glory and 30 k gems should let me trait all the catchup troops to. Except for an odd missing arcane.

are you planning to hit on plague with that 30k gems or wait till devs give us some better way to snipe/aim it?

the faster you decide for either is probably better

ive chosen the second for my missing war… (however i do not have 30k gems :sweat_smile:)

I’m only level 120, so there are plenty of milestones ahead for me which makes me very excited. But this also can make me a little scatterbrained, as I want to do everything right now.

For instance, I see my hero classes, and although I don’t use the hero, I feel like I must level them all to 20 just because then I don’t have to level them later. Probably should use the souls for kingdom levels right now.

I did just finish getting all my kingdoms to L10 which was something I was working towards. And with getting a Dragon Souls in an event chest this week, I think I’m ready to finish up the last 15ish questlines and do some soul farming while I’m at it.


Sounds like you are on the right path, and congrats on getting kingdoms to lvl 10. You have the right mindset about hero classes. Some of them are useful, a lot aren’t. I would worry about leveling all other things up first, unless you use troops that would benefit from that class.

As a goal hero classes are really low on the totem pole. I’m never going to get all my hero classes to 20 when I only use like 3 of them? Kind of pointless really unless you’re a completionist.


to be honest benefits from (some) hero classes are so little, i would like to keep some at lv1 just for the case i needed a low level hero someday XD

Just to have a lower level troop with less health and armor? I’ve seen people talking about that for this week. Just having a weak first slot character to die to skull damage so that you have room to summon dragons.

yeah thats one of the reasons, the other is lower team score deck while open for hero weapons, and the other is in case of some new reason comes up later :stuck_out_tongue:

(for the last two reasons i never develop troops to the max unless i specifically need them to - but thats not a common strategy, its just me )

Ever since I started, I just assumed that you would want all troops leveled as high as you could go. Especially after I found out about kingdom power.

But then I saw a guy who couldn’t get Silverglade to 5* because he was purposefully keeping Silver Drakon at a low level to get the “create blue if my magic is lower” benefit.

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i didnt think of that, a good one!

in general im more concerned about pvp matchaming influenced by team score but reasons like those are just as good
(you are in a developing stage so you dont notice the downside of maxing out your team score, there are many benefits but at a price)

I’m trying to convince the devs to just dump all the catchup troops in chests while having the extra glory troops to get traitstones. Then I can dump all my loot and get probably everything.
Last catchup I spent, 15k glory keys (takes forever lol) and 12k gems or somesuch.

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The milestone that has yet to come for anyone: the 24th Steam Achievement!!

I did that early on and that was a mistake. The ones if I were to do over to level 20 only because the weapons/+bonus rock are;

Priest - This was my divine team from about 300th level to 500th level - with Soul blade every battle I got at least 40 souls if not more.

Warlord - Good beginning state the +5 red on magic with the fastest weapon to charge 4 mana points for lots of damage - The club.

Necromancer - Creeping death just is nasty…

Sorcerer - the Daemonomicon really was fun to play with during Daemons week

Assassin - I just like the bonuses

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Cool thread :slight_smile:

I’ve been in the game so long I don’t remember targeting milestones as such… I enjoy playing, them improve stuff afterwards. I do always clear all quests and challenges.

The new Events system gives extra little milestone-like challenges each week, I guess.

lol i completely forgot about chellenges, i never do them since i stopped farming maps :sweat_smile: