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Mid/endgame problems

For me runics seem to be just as much of a bottleneck as arcanes, if not more… hundreds of gem chests and i feel like ill be able to mythic every troop in the game before getting all required runics for 5staring kingdoms.

It has been noted that there will be a better way to obtain traitstones soon, and also a few feature requests of ‘traitstone’ chests… but there are also a surplus of certain resources that could be sacrificed for said rewards.

First off, the over-abundance of major traitstones and maps, if they were simply able to be transformed somehow into either gold/souls or even random troops of that color for traitstones, they would actually have a use again. most mid-endgame players dont even play treasure hunt anymore because it just isnt time efficient at all. Maybe make a minigame requiring all kingdoms at 10 to play, but has increased rewards dependent on several variables… such as,

How many unique troops you own
How many total troop levels you have
How many total traits you have
Average or highest number of kingdom stars.
Average Rarity of all troops

This way, the more progressed you are, the better chances of getting rewards viable for time spent.

Just some thoughts and revisions of previous requested things, feel free to comment to evaluate or revise said requests even more :smiley:


Nope, not feeling this.

Not for me though. I’ve never felt shortage of runics, and now I have more than enough runics to trait everything. Minors and arcanes, however, have always been a problem, and still are.

I could never understand why some people are so bothered by having too much of something. If you don’t need the excess - just ignore it, and be happy that there are less resources you need to manage.

If you really can’t bear having too much of something, then what you suggest will just make it worse for you. Assume that you can transform stones and maps for souls, that would soon lead to you having enough souls for everything, then you’d be bothered by the excess of souls and ask for the ability to transform souls to something else, and so on. Eventually you’d have more than enough of everything, and then what?

Which would mean you’ll get much faster to the point where you have everything, and with not much else to do, you might just leave the game - that’s probably not what the devs are aiming for.

I believe the current progression rate is just fine, maybe even a bit too fast for top players.

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I get a fast team and i managed to burn out and get bored of the game that way. [quote=“yonizaf, post:2, topic:9186”]
I believe the current progression rate is just fine, maybe even a bit too fast for top players.

progression is slow, the games are too fast if you have good teams. I prefer slower and funner games but one can not program for fun.

i see where everyone is coming from, but it also can cause someone to burn-out only playing pvp over and over… not sure how dhjl does it. would be nice to have more mini-games and stuff to break the pvp chain

i just realized something about the title and the area it is in. Without reading the first post or op, the title implies by itself that someone is requesting for mid/endgame problems. Thankfully the op is not request problems for these areas of the game play.

Pretty sure @dhjl is a robot, sent from a dystopian future when Skynet has won and everyone is forced to play Match-3 games for the Overmind as sort of an ironic reverse-SETI initiative.


I do my Tasks, farm and then do Maps and sprinkle in a little Arena. Can’t PvP all the time


makes sense :smiley:

Coming from a mid game player, I definitely agree.

Runics have been a struggle for me. But not nearly as much as arcane. It’s weird because this game just wants you to wait until the appropriate week so you can get them with your glory… That’s such an odd thing to me. Maybe I’m alone in that, I don’t know.

I am very glad that it’s in the shop every event week, but I also wish arcanes were obtainable in other ways. I will never ever farm challenges over and over facing the same team… I would sooner quit than do that. I hope that they will consider making a fun way to work towards traitstones. I know they are working on something regarding traitstones but I hope it’s something good, fun, and helpful!

I don’t want anything handed to me, don’t get me wrong, I just want a steady way to earn something rather than just getting lucky with event weeks. But seriously those event chests are a lifesaver. I would have quit by now if it wasn’t for those reward chests because I’m not into super Grindy games (a little is fine, but I’m not spending 100s of battles worth of time to get 2-3 traitstones).

But anyways I think the minor costs of traits are way too much. Way too much. They should be brought down significantly. Rather than increasing the rate we find them, they should tweak the amount needed for each rarity. Minor should be brought down, major should be brought up a bit to compensate, and runics should stay the same. That would be ideal to me.


currently bottlenecked with missing 40 runic magics for 5* karakoth -_-

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The moment you get those, a ninth troop will be released.

Source: Prior experience :confused:


Or 10th in his case.

should i start focusing on 3staring blighted lands/darkstone then?

I’d go Blighted Lands since they have 9 troops now.

alright, still wont be able to level the new common up though, as ive been spending all my glory on hellcat bundles

I’m right there, have 4 stars on Karkoth missing 10points to get 5… just need one more ascension!!

I have Darkstone and Blighted Lands moving up now as well… Sadly, I can’t stand 90% of the blighted lands troops, so it isn’t as fun to work on.

As fellow mid-game, I agree. Runics and Arcane traits are in far to low quantities.

They are adding new troops weekly, that means more resource requirements weakly.

The hook shouldn’t be mainly incentivised to “pvp, build, save, wait, buy, repeat”. It should be play, enjoy, progress as you opt to, focus efforts and be rewarded from a variety of equally enjoyable and profitable games, while contributing to your guild so all can prosper.

They need other enjoyable considerations and mini-games that are as profitable as PvP. Here’s an example:

What if there were environmental effects in play at each kingdom?

What if anytime you attacked someone, both sides were subject to those effects?

What if you were discouraged from using some types of teams and defenders were now encouraged to use other types of teams?

What if you could specify a defense team - per kingdom?

What if they had different carnival and mini-games at each kingdom like arena or Treasure Hunts? What if there was a collesium circuit where you could not just take your team through arena, but progress to the next kingdom and keep earning rewards commensurate with how far you moved up, playing against the different environment variables and games as you went?

For me, right now the game seems to want you to contribute to guild (PvP and Arena) so everyone can benefit… and those items too help your character level and class level… arena is fun, but it’s nowhere near as rewarding as PvP when you consider the time vested. At the same time, as a new / mid player - you want to build up your kingdom levels and then power of those kingdoms, but these activities do not help your guild at all, but they do contribute to your level and class… and then we have Treasure Hunt… you accumulate these maps, which you desperately need the resources from, but whatever time you have in the game - you don’t want to waste it NOT getting level and class levels… and if you are not earning trophies for the guild or the kind of $ you can get from pvp… how can you spend time in TH? So the maps taunt you, but really all you want is the rewards if you are attempting to progress.

You earn these vast collections of troops, but the nature of the game means there really is generally one build you can just play and get all the way through the ladder with… and there’s really one defense that you can just leave in place, until something better comes along. So it becomes repetitive due to the lack of profitable variety in the game.

Add more variety and balancing rewards with time spent, so all aspects of the game modes are enjoyable will go a long way toward improvement - wherever they land.