Mid battle Troop Movement

I was just idle brainstorming while waiting for a justice/mab combo to peter out and started thinking about the maralith I was using and the khorvash I had already killed.

What if you could drag a back troop forward or a front troop backwards. Want to keep your lead troop from being drained by khovash? Drag it to the back, but your second and third troop are going to move forward and get hit hard and drained. Front troop just about to die? Well move it back and heal it.

I what to hear everyone else’s opinion on this idea.

EDIT: I imagine it being a button that lets you move 1 troop to any slot and the other troops slide into the gap. Once per turn.

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Interesting idea, though there is one weapon at the moment that can sort of do this: Serve And Protect (Knight Weapon) moves the Knight to the top, gains armor and barriers all other allied troops.

Troop spells only ever seem to affect the enemy team.

Maybe more weapons or troops with these kinds of effects?

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As “free move” No.

As a “New ability/spell” fantastic.


i love to have more movement! as of now, they are very limited. most only effectively works one time. which left us less strategy to work with, like do i want a tanker in front with spell caster in the back or do i want a squishy but strong attacker in front. why not add switch and bait tactics into the mix.

more movement also means more additional use for other troop like Sacrifice. for example the ability to move a dying troop to the end to be sacrificed.

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