Metalmickey's Metalheads - seeking new members!

Greetings, fellow gem warriors! I am Metalmickey, head of the Metalheads guild. I’ve been playing this game for over 500 days apparently and do not intend to stop soon :slight_smile: I originally started the alliance just for myself and a friend. My friend no longer plays but we’ve picked up a lot of recruits along the way, and I’m enjoying the weekly guild wars and events!

I’d like to fill up the members list, but have no requirements other than people who are interested in playing regularly. We complete a lot of guild tasks every week, so even if you’re a newer player, you’ll quickly catch up with all the free keys and other rewards that each member receives. Any language and time zone is fine by me, and although we don’t chat much, I check the messages every day and am happy to answer any questions you might have.

Metalheads is a level 63 guild, the buff / guardians are all level 30+, and all we need is a few more active members to shoot up the rankings and hit that 10k seals threshold every week.

See you in the game!

How many members do you have?

We were on about 20-25 members for months but many had gone inactive, so I have kicked most of them and are now around 15 actives I think. I’ve never used the forums till today though so if we get a few regulars in response to my post and maybe a couple of randoms, I think we’ll be set!

Welcome to the forums brudda! How many of those 15 are high level active players?

Question, questions, questions! Let me log in on my phone and check… :wink:

If I ignore the people who didn’t log in last week, then we have 9 actives, their average level is around 110. I’m level 317. I’ll be honest here, we’re not a ‘top ranking’ guild full of hardcore competitive players, but it’s a decent home that could use a few more members :slight_smile:

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Im sorry for all thw questions but im also looking for active players and thought a smaller guild may want to merge with a higher level guild and am trying to see if your guild is a good candidate

Fair enough!

Bump for great justice!