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Messaging to individual guild members

There are numerous comments throughout the Forums about the lack of ability to message individual guild members which is a major problem when one wants to motivate players or let them know they’re about to be kicked. I haven’t seen the devs responding, but this is a serious issue and deserves attention or at least explanation. Thanks.


This is why so many guilds use a third party service for messaging, like discord …

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But unless said person is on your 3rd party service you are stuck. It would be nice if this game had pm. You could then send direct messages to anyone. Obviously blocking would be an option. There are many people I have wanted to talk to just because of their name choice and possibility of something in common for a good conversation.

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I agree. But alas …

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The answer is and always will be NO because of console privacy restrictions.

They actually were about to release a messaging and mailbox system too several years ago… and had to drop it because of privacy restrictions. Caused the patch to fail certification 3 times I think and caused a huge delay in getting patch released.

You’ll have to use what ever the Nintendo equiv is to xbox gamer tags and messaging. is.


I am just curious, as dont own ps4 or xbox, or switch, there are litterally no game on those platform have a pm function?

On every other online game I have played on xbox I can send a message to people or friend request them through the game. Not sure exactly how it works, but could that not be the same for this game?

Everything is attached to our invite code. Being that we can’t have more than one account set up to any given xbox account, I would assume it is also attached to our xbox name. Couldn’t it be set up just to message us straight through messaging on xbox?

I really am sick of people changing their names all the time anyways. Trying to hide from some issue or another, just to do the same thing and having to change name again.

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Well, I guess our devs couldn’t figure out how to implement it and get it certified. And four years ago, it used to show you how many days ago your guild mate last logged on. That went away too, same reason.

I used to play other 505 games (Battle Islands and Battle Ages) that required players to have XBox gold accounts before access to the global and guild chats was granted. As far as I know, those chats did not allow name changes.

I like that Gems allows Xbox silver members to read chat. I don’t know if that is why name changes are allowed, but as has been said before, spam/abuseres can be blocked, muted, or reported.