Merge and leadership transfer

Hi! Our guild is going through a crisis, there are few of us left. We are looking for similar guilds in which there are still players who want to play. Our rank is 892. We invite you to join us, join forces and become a full-fledged guild again. I am ready to transfer the leadership, because I can no longer devote as much time to the game as I did before.


Hi Timur! I’m from the Throne of Odin guild family and we have a number of openings that may be able to support keeping all your guild members together. A brief overview is that we are a guild family of eight guilds with requirements from beginner to end-game.

Each guild has its own team of leaders and we share a Discord server where all our players can share information, ideas, or just chat. Please feel free to message me on discord or join our server directly: Throne of Odin Guild Family

Hope to hear from you!


Hi Timur,
Merging with the Throne of Odin can be a great option, but I’ll also pop in our guild family to give you a different option. We currently have about 6 spots open and we can move people around in our family to put you all in the same guild. Most of our guilds are pretty relaxed around events and only require gold or seals, with some of the high gold guilds still completing events.

If you’re interested, you can check out our discord here: the fAWRmily
Most guilds have discord optional, so your members don’t necessarily have to get it, but discussing merging is still good to do via something like discord.

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