Merfolk Team Ideas

I’m wanting to make an effective team for PVP using only Merfolk. I love the kingdom and theme. Done the same for Knights, Dragons and Dwarves previously but I’m struggling a little here. Any ideas? I have all the cards and most of them traited.

Azura, Leviathan, Undine, Shocktopus maybe? A full Merfolk team isn’t that viable imo, but that’s about as good as it may get seeing the options

Maybe something like Shocktopus, Scylla, Undine, Leviathan? Seems like Scylla and Undine synergise quite well.

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I like both Scylla and Undine and have both traited, though unfortunately Scylla is only at Legendary still.
Ideally I’d go for the all-blue bonuses as well, but in this case it’ll impact performance.
Shocktopus does seem fun, but what else?

Azura, Undine, Waverider and Leviathan with the Trident Banner is my go to Merlantis team. It works wonders against Dragon teams (submerge) because your whole team can stay submerged for almost the full battle haha.

I have that same team but re-arranged.


I just leave waverider charged until needed, allows faster charging of Azura when exploding.