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Think that I have got a water runic after an invade, but it is a magic runic, my poor colorblindness… :confounded:

Most kingdoms from one tribute | Leader: Rasper - 17 kingdoms
Your peeves list?

It is late and your eyes is barely opened, you somehow calculate the gems on the board wrong before you fire off Infernal King. Against you there is Manticores whipping out your team…




Actually I have started to like Memes, afterall I have accepted that we are living in a ‘meme world’.


People without a sense of humour.

When I get back to the cave and my bananas aren’t cooked.

Weak people.


I forgot. People that uses Gorilla avatars(have been a few) makes me irrationally angry. :sweat_smile:


global chat.



Trying to entering the ingame guild section lately, has been quite challenging for my patience…


Someone wants a red arse!


Don’t you think that it is about time we get a Legendary Gorilla wildfolk? - Gorilla King or Gorilla Lord :wink:


Flying Samurai Silverback


Any Gorilla card coming in must be rare at best… they’re common as hell these days…


Back to the topic question: when your wife shares your Amazon account, and every recommendation you get is for fabric and sewing machine add-ons…


Kaptein Sabeltann er en farlig mann. “Nå kann jeg lukte gull derfor ror vi inn mot land”

So you shouldn’t be too surprised about the water rune :stuck_out_tongue:


Still damn good! :smiley:


There is only 1 gorilla around here.

Obviously he would be a Mythic card from an animal kingdom. I heard this one is good:




Things that make me irrationally angry… Hm…

There being twelve blue gems on the board when you count thirteen
Emperor Khorvash’s existence
Incorrect use of memes
People using the right troops in the wrong order
Rock Worm teams that don’t have a Deep Borer in them
Justice getting frozen. Every. Single. Time.
Exploring and then suddenly PLAGUE!
Major traitstones
@TaliaParks (Just kidding)
The enemy taking a color that they don’t need, just to spite me and make the match take longer
Red gems
The smell of burnt rice
The color Periwinkle.
Emperor Khorvash
Goblin teams
Carnex’s second trait
Moving a gem in the wrong direction