Melting Point- Glaycion fights in phase 3, equal chance of spawning?

So how many of you, which have won more than 30 fights, have encountered Glaycion?

I have won 54 fights, which means I have done 24 fights in phase 3 and Glaycion didn’t spawn once.
We are 4 in my guild that didn’t encounter Glaycion in phase 3.

Someone had encountered Glaycion 2 times and the second fight was at the 68th won fight.

My 56th fight or my 26th fight in phase 3, finally spawned a Glaycion fight.
I had 10 fights today and only once Glaycion spawned

The spawn sequence is randomly determined once for all players, meaning there won’t be anybody who will encounter Glaycion within the first 24 fights in phase 3. It’s quite unlucky this time but we all get the same amount of unlucky.


How do you know this?
The official notes still say equal chance

The topic has come up several times in the past.

Key word being chance. Some times it may take quite a while to roll a 6 on a die, this seems to be one of those times.

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Some of us on the forums, myself included, tested this. We know everyone gets the same fights. :slight_smile:

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Lol thank you. I am so naive. Still. Even though I know how things are in this game, I didn’t expect this.
Still, that it took 26 rolls with the dice to get a Glaycion fight, isn’t just unlucky. Glaycion is the fight that gives the most basepoints - isn’t it insanely “unlucky”? OOOPS we forgot to add Glaycion in the pool for phase 3. Ah well Glaycion is added now, so he can appear after 55 battles. :roll_eyes:
That also explains why so few are reacting.

Thank you.
Does that mean that we all start with the same fights, and no matter what fight we choose, the next fight spawning will always be the same for everyone?

Yep! Its for everyone in game too on any platform, not just your guild.

It is unlucky but not unrealistic. It is a 1.3% chance of this situation happening. That’s better than some drops in game.


106 won fights in Melting Point.
5 or possibly 6 times was a Glaycion fight.
This is within probability. But a very very unlucky outcome for us players, as it forces us to use more gems if we want to finish all stages. Does it sound like something the devs would do intentionally? Make us spend more gems? LOL ABSOLUTELY.

I hope this is just very bad luck and that it was Cedric Sparklesack rolling dices to decide the fight spawning order.

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Nah, there are easier ways to achieve that, e.g. by bumping up the cost of shop tiers. They probably have a fixed value in place how many shop tiers should be required to unlock all rewards, e.g. always tier 2 for a 30 player guild. They just fail surprisingly often at setting up event scoring in accordance with that fixed value, usually because they copy some other event and don’t adjust all parameters correctly. Technically, they could easily adjust the reward thresholds mid-week to compensate for their mistakes, unfortunately such a basic level of service is still alien to IP2.

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