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Megavore is not Megavore

Apparently Megavore has a status that is not give it burns, change shapes, all that. So why is it keeps getting mana burned, farie fire, regular fire, changed into a roadstool, ummm… Help?
**It reads no status effects for a reason! **

Unfortunately no troop is immune to transform


That might be but that does not explain why his megavore experiences all the other effects.
A glitch?

He should take a picture of Megavore actually having some bad status effects, this one doesn’t show anything.
If he gets transformed he loses the traits of course and the replacement card can get bad status effects.


Only the trait (Invulnerable) has absolute immunity to everything including transformation. Wish some troops actually had it.

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Look, proof this doesn’t work!

shows a picture of nothing

Except Zuul…can’t do shit to that op bastard :joy:

Which Zuul? Enemy one yes, you can’t do anything to but your Zuul? You can transform that expensive troop into a mere common.

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:joy: somehow I’m not surprised

Right now, there is 6 of them. All players’ version of Doom troops actually have Invulnerable trait, the same one AI’s Zuul’Goth and Tower got.

While it’s true, technically they aren’t released yet so No troop immune to transform yet :stuck_out_tongue:

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