"Mega" Team Building Tutorial for Beginner-Intermediate

This is a Beginner-Intermediate team-building tutorial which unifies many of my separate Team/Strategy/Mechanics videos. It aims to show how the different concepts all fit together.

It aims to give players a great foundation for Team Building and incorporates discussion of: Mana Bonuses, Link Traits, Banner Bonuses, Mana Spill/Cascade, Mana Stealing, Stat Draining, Kiting/Baiting the AI, Soul Cheating, Gold & Soul Farming, Board-Control, Exploding, Jinx, De-buffs & SO MUCH MORE!

This also represents and end to me favoring transform-heavy teams and I will move into a broader spectrum of builds and concepts moving forward.


Keep doing the lord’s work Krudler. :+1: You’ve become a big part of this community, we need you.


Indeed, the more I sit around playing Gems, making videos and eating bacon the bigger I get! :laughing:

If you watch my videos from the summer and now (dead of winter) there’s 30 pounds of extra flab. In 6 weeks the snow will melt and then everybody will start LIVING outdoors here and the bacon buff will be worn off my waist.

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If you keep making food threads we’re all going to be that way. :laughing:

Some of that food mmmm mm delicious.

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