Medal of aranaea is useless

Medal of seasons gives 4 life, armour and attack
Medal of Gaard gives 8 armour
Medal of Yasmin gives 8 life
The medal of aranaea only gives 4 attack, so why, when the medal of seasons is right there and almost always more easily accessible, would anybody use it? Why doesn’t it give 8 attack like the other 2?


It used to be the case as you described and I used to craft them into Anu medals. But now we only get 1 WE every 5 weeks which reduced season medals income a lot and I started saving Aranaea for medaling purposes again.

Medal of Seasons was added after the initial medals were released. +8 attack was probably deemed too strong at the time. (+24attack for 3 medals)
Game has powercrept a bit since then so it would probably be fine now.

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Even if there’s no reason to equip Aranaea medals, they’ll still help towards upgrading your troop elite levels which is required for certain power levels, so they’re not useless.

I wouldn’t mind seeing them buffed to +8 attack though.


Word has it that the stats are higher because Medal of Seasons was originally supposed to be legendary rarity, then got bumped down to epic rarity to make it harder to upgrade legendary/mythic troops.


Even +6 attack would be usable especially when running HKI.


I’ve mentioned this a dozen times already, needs an update because right now it’s just medalling fodder.

There were grandiose statements from the Powers That Be when the whole medal system was first instituted. To the effect that there were all sorts of creative things they could do (or planned to do) with the medal system.

Alas, that hasn’t happened. Nor is there any indication that it’s even a drawing board thing or will once again become one. Which is a shame, because that would be one of the more creative ways to re-jigger the game and possibly take a spot in the ongoing “rock, paper, scissors” thingy where we keep coming up with new metas to overcome the old metas.