Medal of Ananaea vs. Medal of Seasons

That argument may hold weight until you get 3 season medals. What incentive is there to spend gems after that point?

My opinion is making aranaea +6 wouldn’t break the game but would at least add more choices when equipping medals, currently nobody uses them because seasons medals exist.


I agree with @Madd_Hurricane +6 attack is not enough to outweigh the life and armor bonus from seasons.
However if medal of seasons would give +2 attack +4 life/armor +1 magic, and aranea would give +6 attack that would be worth considering.
But an easy solution I would like to see +8 attack on medal of aranea


When I get more than 3 seasons medals I use them to upgrade troops. I’m not seeking a buff or fighting against one either. I just think there are better places for the Devs to spend their time.

I agree with the above.

The problem with medals is that there are simply not enough of them, and the top 2 rarities are so costly to medal. Whilst it’s not on the subject of stats, the availability of Aranaea anyway is somewhat low anyway.

I’d sooner Devs invest their time in providing more accesss to medals, rather than waste it on +2 or +1 here or there. Maybe we could merge a Seasons Medal with an Aranaea medal to make the equivalent of an Anu for an upgrade, giving stats and 10%? start. It doesn’t devalue Anu, and gives you options as a player. That way Aranaea’s become better usable as upgrade material, and you can always keep 3 MoS for the stats anyway. Yep, might mean spending some gems for more MoS, but I’d spend gems in events to get a few more higher rarity medals to upgrade.

Also, allow lower rarity medals to be used with badges from events to make 1 rarity higher.

The time involved to switch a 4 to a 6 is very minimal.

More medals is just a nerf to nysha drops, which are the only ones that really matter.

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Not if they don’t alter the drop rates based upon rarity, which is how it currently works :man_shrugging:

Adding a new epic medal, for instance, would just make it harder to get Aranaea (and whatever the new medal was would be half as likely as Aranaeas currently are as well, if the odds were distributed evenly)