Mayweather vs mcgregor

The battle just finished on 10th round
Mayweather didin’t impress me, he took so long to defeat mcgregor and he was in his playground.

On the other side, mcgregor did much better then everyone expected

Conor wanst suposedto win… He a mma fightinf a boxin match… Next time i wanma see them get in the octegan! Conner will destrpy him to peices!

I know conor was not suppose to win, im just saying this fight was suppose to be over before 10th round. If this fight was in an octogon, Mayweather would never last 2 rounds

I totaly ahree bridda

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I think anything other than a early stoppage, or an overpowering match by mayweather is almost like a loss. Conner had a win/win scenario. If he wins it would be an amazing feat, if he loses, its expected. I also agree that he would tear up mayweather in the octogon. He wouldnt be able to keep ducking and bending over to get a break.