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Maximum income amount

curious as to the maximum income level,i am at 774 per hour how high does it get?


841 / hr is the current max.

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I have 832/hour with no upgrades left. Checking for tributes often is what matters most, anyway.

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Guess I’m at max then :slight_smile:

Mine is at 857.

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I guess I’m not then :smiley:

Is that because you have Zuul? I thought I was at max at 841.

No Zuul. All kingdoms maxed as far as possible though.
I’m on PS4, am wondering if the calculation is different for some odd reason.
Would I be surprised if it was? Nope :rofl:

Hmmm… I just checked every kingdom and every one says not achievable yet except Karakoth because of Zuul. You have all vault troops at mythic perhaps?

Nope, none of them.

I have no idea then lol. Unless vip lv makes a difference but I don’t think so.

Yeah it is odd. VIP level shouldn’t make any difference.
Wondering if anyone else on PS4 has the same number.

Is your Karakoth at 8*?

Yes it is.

Is kingdom stars the only thing that contributes to income gold per hr?

I thought so… but could be wrong.

Screen shot or I don’t believe it @Graeme. :joy::rofl: 832 here.

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841 here also i thought it was the max

There ya go.1532827885409-431489747


Only you would :exploding_head: Thanks.

Now to figure out what I’m missing or did you have it done before the update?