Max Health of any single unit

What is the max health that any single unit has had in a fight?
Mine is a Djinn with 273 Health on the quest ‘For Great Science’ on the second battle with a Alchemist left my Djinn’s final magic was 25.


There’s a hard cap of 1000 for every stat. I don’t think it’s really achievable during normal play (i.e. when you enter the fight just to dispatch the opponents), but if you aim for it it’s pretty easy (e.g. Green Slime-Green Seer-Goblin Shaman-pretty much anything and concentrate on firing Slime’s spell) and there were screenshots with maxed-out troops on the forum already.

1000 on all stats. 3 brian the lucky.

I just maxed my health on all my team and it took about 30 mins.