Math people: what is the chance of this?

To preface, I just got my first 0 tribute gold collect in probably 3 months. I’d like to figure out the odds of me getting 0 tributes when:
-I have all kingdoms at level 10, including Silverglade
-All kingdoms EXCEPT for Silverglade, Blackhawk, and Dragon’s Claw have three gold stars for double tribute chance
-Guild red statue is at 106 for bonus 6% tribute chance

Probably just a network hiccup.
Happens sometimes.
Just… collect more often man

Pretty low.

For the sake of simplification, let’s say you’re looking at 27 kingdoms at 26% tribute chance. The odds of receiving no tribute from a kingdom is 74%. The odds of receiving no tribute 27 times is 0.7427 ~= 0.00029461607, or about 0.03%, or about 1 in 3400.


Lol, it happens. And the more often you collect, statistically speaking, the more likely it is that different combinations will come up. I think I’ve gotten 0 kingdom tribute about 3 times since the beginning of 2017.

edit: or maybe all my luck is going into getting new mythics during their exclusive week…without spending gobs of resources

My Troops/resources

Haha I don’t really care what caused it, I’m not mad or anything. It actually almost made me laugh because I realized how crummy my luck was just then.

@Lyya thanks, that was super fast, I knew I would have to think “Ok, there is an 80% chance for each kingdom that it will not tribute.” I feel old, because I passed calculus in high school with a B+ and I couldn’t remember how to figure this out without having to research online…

Excellent math my friend!