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Math and game integrity

Yesterday at 11:30 AM I checked the leaderboards and rank 100 was a little over 5000 points with a particular person absent from the leaderboards. I checked again at 3:00 PM and said person is now rank 6 with over 14000 points.

Okay, so that is 9000 points in 210 minutes. Let’s say each match gives 45 points, a reasonable average I think. This means 200 games played in 210 minutes. Given that it takes at least 15 seconds to go from game to game, this means each game took an average of (21060 - 19915)/200 = 48 seconds. (In truth the time between games is probably closer to 20 seconds, especially when considering defense rewards popping up, which means the average game time drops to 43 seconds).

I think it is safe to say that these numbers are unreasonable for a legitimate player. I normally wouldn’t post about this as the developers usually purge on Sundays, but this player has done something similar in weeks past and still remains.

Of the few major flaws I think are in this game, this one should require the most attention. It is very discouraging for legitimate players to see cheaters on the leaderboards, especially with the upcoming guild versus guild update which will be greatly undermined by these cheaters if they remain undetected and unpunished.


Hear, hear!

Did you open a support ticket where you can name them?

I really wish the top 10 players invade teams for the week would be posted on the forums. That way if there really is a 45 second win team, we can all abuse it until it is adjusted or until we are bored.

My fastest wins, with luck, are against the 4 horsemen, because Valor/Bone Dragon is almost like cheating with them all being demons.

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They seem to do a pretty good job of identifying cheaters and eliminating them. I think the challenge is that it’s a moving target: cheaters are always inventing new ways to bot, and the dev team has to figure out how to auto-identify and ban.

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is the leaderboard always up to date?

Having had worked in the field of online promotions, the sad reality is that there really is no way to catch botters if they are smart. The only way they get detected is due to sheer greed, standing out like sore thumbs when they accomplish more in the game than a human could do if they were a savant and played 24 hours a day, wearing adult diapers and never taking bathroom breaks lol

A simple screen-capturing program that runs an algo and feeds mouse input to the game bypasses every conceivable (& practical) anti-botting measure. I’m not telling you anything the botters don’t already know :frowning:

maybe the leaderboard just lagged, some times my stats in the guild havent updated my trophy and gold count for hours

My level 177 phone alt was paired against a level 205 in ranked PvP. Time of the match was Wed. evening. The other player’s stats said he had only invaded 3 times during the event. He/she had been in a guild for 46 days and had 1,331 troops in total. Normal-looking #s for someone who has been playing a couple of months.

Imagine my alt’s surprise when the defense team turned out to be Death + 3x Famine, all fully-traited. You’re either talking trillions-to-1 odds on the random mythic drops, or spending a fistful of hard cash on VIP chests to get both the mythic drops and all the arcane traits. Not something I would expect from a casual player who doesn’t even touch PvP until the event is almost three days old.

I’m not going to bother to open a support ticket, because I am quite sure the devs already know things like this are happening.