Match Counter Please!

Hey I’ve been thinking this over since I started playing about a year ago but I think it would be awesome to include a ticker type counter to keep track of your lifetime gem matches. Potentially even to the effect of keeping track of not only matches in general but 4 matches, 5 matches, and possibly 6, 7, and 8 etc or else just combined into “surge matches”. After a year in I always wonder how much I’ve been trully grinding iron beards axe and would love to be able to brag to my few fellow player friends who already admittedly share a mixed opinion of me layered in shock and awe. I think a good place for it could be under the general tab next to the invite code or else under the account tab. Possibly an entire account statistics sub menu branching out on similar bonus content would definitely be a win. Thanks for all you do 505! (Battle Ages and Battle Islands were great too!)