Mask supial

Did they ever have a Wednesday pet day for the mask-supial pet? I seem to remember getting one copy in the mail with no way to finish the pet.

Will they ever have any ways to get more revered draggonkitty? That’s another pet stuck at 1. Anyone care to speculate?

You are correct. There was only 1 mailed copy of Mask Supial and it never appeared on a rescue.
I believe if it reapears, it will be on a Saturday.


“You rescued this Pet during the event: 2020”
Yeah, I know when I got the pet. Newer people can’t get it though. And yet they survived 2020 too. And 2021 isn’t even over and some can argue that by some standards this year is even worse.

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Paraphrased, but: “Every year is an average year. Slightly worse than the one before, and slightly better than the one to come” (I think it’s a Russian proverb?)


Maybe it’s the Collector part of me, but I don’t enjoy just getting one of something even free with no way to finish it off like we usually get with cosmetic pets.

As for 2020, it was the worst year of my life because of the anxiety, the crazy stock market, and the health problems because I took one pill of the antibiotic ciproflaxin. It damaged my tendons in my ankles, knees, hands, elbows, shoulders, upper and lower back, and a few other places. It caused some minor nerve damage in my foot and my eyes are dry with occasional flashing lights. I developed a bunch of food sensitivities to soy, gluten, caffeine, sugar, etc. I’ve lost 55 pounds with massive muscle atrophy. Pills give me severe reactions so I have filter my blood twice a week with machines instead.

Four months after cipro, I’m walking again a bit. I may be able to eat somewhat normally by the end of the year. So 2021 sucks too, but it’s a year of recovery for me.

I hope they offer the pet normally soon so I have one less reminder of that terrible year.

I’d like to thank the devs.

I see we have a Saturday pet event for mask-supial on May 22! Woohoo!

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Not Russian definitely.

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