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Married couples *ps4* even with kids

Looking for anyone that enjoys the game to join in. Just play as a group and be friendly

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How active and how many players do you have already? I play most of the time but my wife does have a decent account also.

We have 3 very active members and2 not so active players but I’m working getting more players now should have before lol. Hope you guys want in were trying to create a great team without the tension and drama.

I will talk to my wife tomorrow about it. She feels there is to much to the game now and that with both of us trying to be fully active there just isn’t enough time. she plays a little here and there but I usually get my 1500 seals and about 300k weekly. thanks for the response.

It all comes together over time you both can join seem like nice people to me you will get quite a few bonuses from us just being in the guild

Tell me your names in the game and i will invite you

Soundsofreallife is my psn name

ok. I haven’t been on. We found out we are expecting a “new clan” member. She has been tired and of course has me running all over for food she is craving

Well were very active now doing enjoy the pregnancy its crazy