Marked for deletion

Marked for deletion


It’s good to see you guys back among active guilds. Good luck recruiting and maybe see you in guild wars.


Are uou still recruiting?

Yes, sure, give me your invite code and I will send invite

Good luck, pm sent.

Do you have some open spots?
I am a very active Player. My Last Guild was #16 (Viva La Russia), but since 4 weeks no guild wars.
1500 seals, 400K no Problem.

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Hi kukoenig, Yes we still have a few spots remaining. Invite has been sent.

I hope you’re starting to get a few good members.

hey guys, i’d like to join if there’s room. active player looking for a chill active guild to join

Hey moxy_p, we still have room. Please pm me invite code for invite.

Hi guys, are there some spot available yet. I`m looking for an active guild to join.

invite code: KRAKEN_1

Invite was sent. Welcome

If you still have space, I’d love to join. My invite code is: Orion M42X_GZW5.

it says that you are a member of a guild, you have to leave before we can invite