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Marid's Spell and status effects

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
A status effect (poison) was applied even though there weren’t 13 green gems on the board.

What are the steps to make it happen again? haven’t tried yet.

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!

As you can see Sylvanimora was poisoned yet there are only 10 greens gems.

I wonder if his spell was missed in upping to 13? The tooltip for his spell says 13 gems.

I reported this before, as far as I know the devs are still looking in to it…

Ok cool, I didn’t bother searching for prior threads.

I wonder if it’s using blue gems instead of green, there are more than 13 of them.

Personally, I think his spell is weak enough and high enough cost that this “extra” effect should just always be active anyways. Its been “broken” in this way so long (far before the 10 > 13 gems change) that they should probably just change the text.

I agree. He’s supposedly an epic?

Epics come in a wide range of strengths, to be fair…

Yes and I wonder why @killerman3333 hasn’t been banging on about getting him buffed as well as Dokklafar? :joy:


A bunch of epics could use buffs. This particular one just happens to be fairly underpowered even while actively benefitting from a glitch, which, when fixed, will make him even worse. Just saying that unless they are going to do an actual rebalance (which would probably include lowering the mana cost), it would simply be easier to change the description.

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To be fair, all the epics need buffs, but i want dokkalfar to be the first because of how long he has been out. He received one buff that made him sort of a one man army but then orb weaver came out which indirectly nerfed him.

An indirect nerf is something like: “Summoned troops start Diseased” or “All troops do +1 damage to Purple troops.” Orbweaver has no effect whatever on Dokkalfar’s viability.

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He got buffed to summon giant spider, then got the impervious debuff. Then orbweaver out damages him, webs, and mana drains. Ya it summons giant spider when it loses health (50%) but still that is ridiculous. Then you can also get orbweaver probably easier that dokkalfar. Orb Weaver has more rng than dokkalfar.

Orbweaver costs a lot more to trait than Dokkalfar does. Orbweaver doesn’t web and mana drain, that’s a Hero weapon you can use on any class. The weapon is single-color so it’s comparatively hard to charge. Summoners in general are a bit awkward in that they do nothing until you’ve lost a troop, which you generally don’t want to have happen in a game that’s going well. Nothing about Orbweaver makes it any less desirable to use Dokkalfar – he was unplayed before and he’ll be unplayed now. Additionally, nothing about the introduction of Orbweaver makes it any less likely that he’ll be adjusted in the future. You’re making mountains out of molehills.


I honestly can NOT believe how long this conversation over Dokkalfar has lasted. lmao :joy:

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I can’t believe that this odd rant about Dokkalfar has spilled to a zillion unrelated threads. Seriously, it isn’t the orbweaver class stopping people from using Dokkalfar.