Manticore Protector not in the Glory chests 4 weeks after release

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Not needed.

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I’m expecting that according to Can We Keep Him? (“The Manticore Protector will be available in the World Event Shop, and will appear in Glory, Gem, Guild, and VIP chests in 3-4 weeks’ time.”), Manticore Protector will be in glory chests 4 weeks after release.
Today I’ve opened ~75000 glory chests (not 75k glory, 75k glory chests), to ascend event epic troops to mythics and free 2nd daily offer slot. I’ve ascended them all (10+ copies for each), got 22 mythics but I didn’t get a single copy of Manticore Protector. I got a lot of Manticore Cub, which was released with him, a lot of War Elephant which was released after him but not Manticore Protector.
Before you will say that’s RNG - I perfectly know how RNG works. Each glory chest has 70% chance for troop, 5.27% chance for epic, and we have 220 available epics (even if I miscalculated epics, it’s not more than 1 or 2). The chance that I don’t get a single copy of Manticore Protector from 75000 glory keys (and again - I got 10+ copies of each other epic) - 0.000345%

Looks like you have an issue with adding World Events troops to chests. Too bad that you disabled API for Taran and his Chest availability page, it cost me an Ascension Orb.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
When you open glory chests.

Steps to make it happen again
Open a lot of glory chests. You can try to start with the same amount as me, 75000.


I believe Manticore Protector is/was the first World Event troop to be released. And knowing how screwed up each event has been thus far. It would make sense that Tier Shop troops aren’t being put into the pool correctly.
I definitely side with the OP on this. I hope they reimburse you that orb. Since troops being available in chests CAN NOT be something they blow off quality control over.


That’s really disgusting. Besides this clear bug, i think we should have an official way to see if the troop is available (=drop table) in chests from the “?” icon in-game instead of letting us guess and try and then finally lose tons of resources for nothing.


I’ll ask the team about it but please note it hadn’t even been a full 4 weeks yet when you posted this bug report.

June 7th it was released.

July 7th it should’ve been put into chests.
Report was made on July 10th.

(Dates based on US)

Does Australia have more than 7 days in a week?


I planned my entire opening to be after 4 weeks after release of Manticore Protector. I’m very meticulous person, I wouldn’t report anything if that happened less than 4 weeks after his release but it was 4 and half weeks after his release.
[Not a bug] tag is disgusting - I’ve removed it from the topic, because nobody will look into this thread again with this tag.


Or maybe they don’t count the week of release?! :thinking:

Perhaps if they gave an official release date and not just a window then it wouldn’t be so confusing. It even confused a support staff member it seems. :pleading_face:

Deny–>Blame Player–>Walk away
Typical :poop:


That’s an impressive amount of glory keys, several years worth I’d think. But it makes no sense to open so many, so why did you? I would have stopped as I got the new mythic each month.

Twenty two mythics is way way way over the assumed chance of 1 / 10000 for 75k keys too.

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I didn’t use gems on Raid/Invasion epics. I had them at epic rarity on release and ascended them in a year during usual new mythic openings. And suddenly Daily Offers were released and my second slot was constantly occupied by epic troops offers. I’ve planned opening to be 4 weeks after bounty troop (War Elephant), 4.5 weeks after Manticore Protector, right after the 5.0 preview (to know that I don’t need to save keys for 5.0) and right after the week of new mythic.
Chance for mythic in glory key is 0.014% or 1/7143 and yes, I was “lucky” that I got so many mythics, but I don’t need these duplicates (maybe for some World Events with weird restrictions, but that’s all).
Back to reason “why?” - to free second Daily Offer slot from kingdoms offers. I’m not even close to be out of keys after that massive opening - I’m in very active guild, I’ve enough keys, seals, glory and orbs to get another 30+ mythics.

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Have you had Manticore Protector as an offer yet?

No, he is at mythic rarity - I used ascension orb on him.
But we’re moving topic in a wrong direction - it’s a bug report, after all.


My question had to with the bug (despite being labeled not a bug). If a troop isn’t in chests then it shouldn’t show up in gem offers either.

I’ll pass feedback to the team that everyone would like solid release dates for new troops in chests instead of that rough window.

So instead of explaining the situation you’d prefer me to lie? The truth = denying things?

Not actually blaming anyone for anything here so it shouldn’t be taken that way. I was just pointing out why it isn’t a bug.

My walking away was me taking the weekend off as I’m not rostered to work weekends. It’s Monday so I’m here replying again. Let’s not twist my words or blow things up because I took 2 days off.

Keep in mind also that I asked the team if there was an issue even though this didn’t meet the criteria to be considered a bug, something I didn’t have to do - I could have just completely ignored the post instead - but I was trying to be helpful.

Can you not take jabs at me for doing my job? That would be fantastic.

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I’m sorry, but did you read replies in this thread? You stated that “it hadn’t even been a full 4 weeks yet” while it was 4.5 weeks. You miscalculated weeks, that’s fine, we all humans, but why you still denying bug?
Troops appear in chests on 29th day after their release (after 4 weeks). It is true for all previous event or bounty troops. If it’s not the same for World Events troops, specify that, because the wording in Salty’s post is exactly the same as in others.


You said the problem was that it hadn’t been 4 weeks, insinuating that the OP can’t count, and ignoring the fact that 75k keys were spent to get an item that should have been in chests if we’re getting honest information about when things go into chests and when they dont. Will of Nysha, Sycorax, now Lord of Slaughter is in chest just 2-3 weeks after release. Nothing is more frustrating to me than an information black hole, and you just “should’ve waited longer” someone’s 75k keys when, in fact, it had been 4 weeks and 2 days when the report was made.

My frustration with the gaslighting is growing and I will continue to point out the ways in which your team disrespects the work that players put into your game. Not sorry.

The comment i made was an affirmation of the OPs disgust. I didn’t reply to anyone, so you could have also ignored that.