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Manticore Needs A BUFF!

**So, with the joyous meta Manticore only showing up in 98% of matches now, it’s clearly time to buff him up! Here are some proposed changes:

  1. Reduce mana cost to 3. 9 is just far too much for such a weak unit. Hell, let’s make it one gem.
  2. Increase attack gain by at least 100% per cast and health should be 500% of current.
  3. Replace 1st trait with something useful, like 50% devour chance. (typical 100% for AI, 0% proc for human)
  4. Add web, burn, freeze, poison, silence, and full heal to the current stun and drain mana.
  5. Replace Impervious with Invincible. Skulls AND spells do 0 damage.
  6. Add transforms all gems to green…you know, just to keep the ball rolling.
  7. Instead of weak Empowered trait, change to 10 extra turns per cast.
  8. Add function of remove 99% souls and gold gained per match to description.

What say you, dear GoW friends? Is this enough to get Manticore into a full 100% of the matches, or do we need even more? It’s clear that unless we keep building troops up like this, we can never reach the goal of 30-60 minute matches in 2017! Any additional thoughts on what we can all do to help reduce the player rewards to 1-2 gems and/or glory chests per month? Thanks in advance for any other thoughts.


Manticore has now reached a new record. Never has one troop caused so much uproar than this one troop (okay maybe Webspinner).

I also like the part, where you imply that the ultimate goal is to slow down porgress as much as possible and dumping rewards at the same time. Well, nice troll, but you have to try harder.


It’s about time someone made an entertaining Manticore nerf thread for a change. Bravo!


Great Job ET… Now your going to get in nerfed into oblivion with the likes of dust devil and astral spirit. It will be less used than Gar’Nok and Orion… :slight_smile:

No, no, you’ve got it all wrong! You forgot to buff his attack as well! It’s SO low compared to everything else! I think he should also have double Marilith’s base attack stat. HP is looking good at 500%, but don’t you think that granting ten extra turns is a bit much?

No, how about on cast, we have it replace every other living troop on your team with a Manticore and fill up the slots where inferior troops have died with in-game versions of a random dev?

I should probably remain quiet because this is not a serious topic… :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Ivar, It’s serious in one aspect…@ExtraTurn doesn’t like Manticore very much lol.

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You forgot about my “gain extra turn if you mana drained more than 5 mana” :frowning: aprat from that cool ideas!

I would also suggest something like +25% stats on all your troops for using more than 1 manticore at once.

maybe we could have a REALLY cool trait like “Game freezes for 30 seconds per Manicore cast.”

That way, it’s not so long as to give you time to do anything useful, but still slows game down. :point_right: :ok_hand:

Think im lost, is this an end-game only thread :astonished:

Its probably most feelable in end-game atm, as maticore only gets to FULL annoyance with empowered, but i’m feeling the effects in mid-game/late mid-game already…

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Actual in-game photo of the Manticore we have now,

but, this is the one we need.