ManaSrge is a chill guild looking for active members

We’re a chill group with a nice active core. We don’t have discord, so most of our communication happens over in game chat. Most of us are newer players, and we are trying to level our guardians.

We’re struggling to hit t5 chests, but a few more active members is all that we will need to get there. Our only current requirement is 500 guild seals.

Please let me know if you would like to join and help take our guild to the next level!

Hola amigos de MANASRGE, soy Lancelot de LOS BANDIOS, nosotros estamos en la posición 1498 y jugamos a placer, si bien están los requisitos, no les damos importancia total, la idea es hacer amigos y enseñar a los mas nuevos. los invito gentilmente a que se nos unan para hacer un equipo completo de 30 miembros pero sin la obsesión de pedir todo, relax y armonía.

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Unfortunately, our GM isn’t interested in merging at the moment. Thank you for the offer!

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